Control Z Season 2

Control Z season 2 will be the crime drama that we are most excited about. It is not on Netflix’s June release list. It is hard to believe Control Z has been on Netflix for almost a whole year. After the success of the first season, Netflix quickly confirmed season 2 of Control Z.

It was launched during the outbreak of the pandemic and quickly gained popularity. It is a Mexican Spanish-language series that follows a group of high school students. Students turn against each other to find out who the hacker is when a hacker starts leaking secrets to everyone. It ended terribly, with lives at stake, freedoms at risk, and many other factors.

Release Date

Control Z Season 2

Control Z will be released this summer, as previously stated. Subscribers who enjoyed the first set should mark their calendars. The second chapter is set to arrive on Netflix on Aug. 11, 2021.

Cast Updates

What about the supporting casts? Ana Valeria Becerril, Sofia and most of the other cast members from season one should be returning. Some of the casts include Samantha Acua as Natalia and Fiona Palomo portraying Maria. Patricio Gallardo portrays Gerry. Yankel Stevan portrays Raul. Zion Moreno portrays Isabela.

Fans were also fascinated to learn that Luis Curiel, one of the students, had died after a period of inactivity. They are now wondering if Curiel will return to haunt them. The idea has been embraced by many who have asked for a second season via social media.