Control Z Season 2

Carlos Quintella Sakae (with Adriana Pelosi and Miguel Garcia Moreno) created the series. This series is a teen drama. This series has eight episodes in total.

Each episode runs between 34-41 minutes. After one successful season, the series’ team was initiated to create a new season. The premiere of the See series’ first season was on Netflix on 22 May 2020. Alejandro Lozano directed this series.

Control Z Season 2: Plot

This series takes place at Colegio Nacional. It is about the hacker’s secrets. This causes the transgender student at Colegio Nacional to panic and be humiliated.

Control Z Season 2

The second season will reveal more information about the hacker and who he is. Students realized that Raul may be the hacker. He was one of the wealthiest students at the school, and many scams and secrets masterminded him.

Javier and Sofia were both victims of the fraud. We can see what happened to them here. Are Raul a hacker? We want to learn more about him and his motivations for hacking. This series also explores the relationship between Javier & Sofia. What happens next? We want to know more about it, so we recommend this series.

Control Z Season 2: Cast

This series’ sad news is that the main casts are missing. However, some of the main cast members returned to the series, including Yankel Stevan as Raul and Zion Moreno, Isabela and Natalia respectively, as well as Macarena Gracecia and Andres Babida as Pablo.

Control Z Season 2: Trailer

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