When Scarlett Johansson sued Disney for an alleged breach of contract in the earnings of Black Widow, some raised that this decision would sow a paradigm shift in Hollywood, with many celebrities rebelling against the big studios on account of their measures taken against the COVID-19 crisis.

Trying to alleviate the ravages of the pandemic, the majors launched themselves into the manufacture of hybrid models and alternative forms of the exhibition that went beyond the intentions of the filmmakers and ended up resulting in the salaries of the stars that, as in the case of Johansson, depended on box office earnings.

Until now, the only star who seemed to consider following the path of the protagonist of Black Widow was Emma Stone, who, hour after the dispute became known, that she also planned to sue Disney for simultaneously sending Cruella to movie theaters and Disney + with Premium access. However, it seems that Stone has thought better of it since media such as Deadline echo that the actress has just signed a substantial agreement with the House of the Mouse to star in the sequel to Cruella, which began to be talked about shortly after that the original film turned out to be a success during its hybrid premiere (settled with about 222 million dollars).

The amount of Stone’s winnings has not been specified, but both parties would have been very satisfied, and the move has even merited a proud statement from the La La Land actress’ representation agency. “This agreement demonstrates that there can be an equitable path that protects artists and aligns studio interests with talent,” declared Patrick Whitesell.

“We are proud to work alongside Emma and Disney, and we appreciate the studio’s willingness to recognize their contributions as a creative partner.” Stone’s intention to sue the studio is, therefore, history, and it is already official that he will again incarnate the villain (or antiheroine) of 101 Dalmatians Cruella 2.

Little details of this film have transpired, apart from the fact that Craig Gillespie will once again act as director and Tony McNamara as a screenwriter. At its premiere on May 26, Cruella met with good reviews and a great reception among the public, distancing itself from the cold receptions of other live-action productions inspired by Disney animated classics. For now, it can only be seen on Disney + with Premium Access, but from next August 27 it will be available to all subscribers.