Code Geass Season 3

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The fans are now eagerly anticipating the next season of this melodramatic story, which also included science fiction. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion or simply referred to as Code Geass, is a Japanese anime television series which is directed by Goro Taniguchi, a story written by Ichiro Okouchi and is produced by Sunrise. After two successful seasons, the main question for fans is whether there will be a third. There have been many seasons. In February 2019, Sunrise Studios premiered Code Geass.Lelouch from the Resurrection. It was one of the studio’s biggest hits. Japan acquired the series. It sold more than one million Blu-ray and DVD Disc volumes. Awards-wise, both seasons won a lot of awards at the Tokyo International Anime Fair. Animation Kobe’s event was also a big success. Animage Anime Grand Prix was also a winner. Code Geass Lelouch is the Rebellion is one of those anime series that is so catchy that you want to see more. What possibilities are there for season 3 of Code Geass? Let’s discuss more.

When will Season 3 of Code Geass be Released?

Code Geasss was first published in the 2006 autumn season. In 2008, Season 2 was released. The 2019 anime movie Code Geass, Lelouch of the Resurrection is also available. This anime film takes place in the same timeline as the anime but does not follow the anime. Code Geass: Z of the Recapture: Another movie is currently in production. The next anime will continue the story from the 2019 movie.

Each season of anime had 25 episodes. The third season of this anime series is in development. The release date of the third season is unknown, but it is expected that it will be available in the fall of 2022. It will then be released in the winter of 2023.

Code Geass Season 3

Cast- Who is going to be the part?

Because the season itself remains in doubt, there is no information on the cast. The same cast would probably be used for the third part as well as some new faces. The problem is that it has not been officially confirmed.

  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Lelouch Lamperouge
  • Jun Fukuyama as Lelouch Lamperouge
  • Takahiro Sakurai as Suzaku Kururugi
  • Yuri Lowenthal as Suzaku Kururugi
  • Ami Koshimizu as Kallen Stadtfeld

If we are permitted by authorities, we will share our cast list for season 3.


The plot for the next installment is not revealed, and we have nothing to add. Season two didn’t conclude with a conclusion, leaving us excited for the next season.

The plot of the show is fun and entertaining. It revolves around a fictional reality that is ruled over by three superpowers. Lelouch VI Britannia is an exiled Britannian king who wants to bring her sister Nunnally Vi Britannia happiness and peace. Marianne, his mom, was brutally attacked and killed in front of Emperor Charles Zi Britannia.

Nunnally was traumatized as she saw her mother being murdered and has lost her sight. Lelouch believes that her father failed his mother and sister in protecting them by failing to pay attention to the trauma from his mother’s passing. So, he decides to take revenge on his father and improve the condition of his sister.

Later, they were sent to Japan but Britannia attacked and defeated them. Lelouch vows to retaliate for all of this. Lelouch resolves to use his Geass, or Power of Kings, which was granted by C.C (a girl who saved Lelouch’s life from being killed by the Britannian Royal Guard), to find his mother’s murderers and retaliate against them.