One of the best characters of ‘Cobra Kai’ was left out of the cast of Netflix season 3, we mean Aisha, played by Nichole Brown, and apparently there was no real reason to leave her out, a pity.

Our seriefilo heart is at a thousand beats per minute since next January 1, season 3 of Cobra Kai will be released on Netflix. Finally we will be able to know the fate of Miguel ( Xolo Maridueña ) after his shocking fall due to an advantageous kick from Robby ( Tanner Buchanan ); However, we cannot let go of a tough topic that we are sure will shake the fans of this series: Nichole Brown, who plays Aisha, was left out of the cast for the new episodes and we do not know how to feel about it.

In September 2019, Nichole Brown confirmed her sudden departure from the series through her Instagram stories: “ I will not officially be in Cobra Kai season 3. Unfortunately, but grateful for the opportunity ”; This really was surprising as Aisha had been a relevant piece within the first two installments, she even quickly positioned herself as one of Johnny Lawrence’s ( William Zabka ) best apprentices at Cobra Kai’s dojo, her strength and commitment led us to create a special bond with the character.

The hit Netflix series, also produced by Will Smith, was the great acting debut of Nichole Brown, who right now has no other production on the horizon or looking to the future. The bewilderment of her dismissal reminds us that within the narrative arc of Cobra Kai, Aisha was part of the pitched battle in the school corridors and had a very particular relationship with Samantha LaRusso ( Mary Mouser ) and Tory ( Peyton List ), this placed her in a central point, without forgetting his ability in karate.

According to Brown herself, her departure occurred because the creative members of the production “could not find a place” for Aisha in season 3, a detail that has no place as she had many paths to travel and this leaves us with a bitter taste in our taste serieilo. Without further explanation, Brown has stopped publishing character content on his social networks and Netflix has not touched on the subject, we can only wait for the premiere of season 3 of Cobra Kai to find out how they will treat the subject of his departure and perhaps find an answer honest.