Cobra Kai fans will receive the third season of the Karate Kid sequel action series on their screens starting on January 8, after several months of waiting.

As fans know, streaming platform Netflix released the first trailer for Season 3 this week, showcasing lots of action, rivalry, Robby’s arrest, and Miguel’s rehabilitation.

One of the most anticipated moments by Cobra Kai fans is how the chain of consequences will unfold for what happened to Miguel at the end of season 2, after falling spectacularly from a second-floor while fighting with Robby at school.

In the promotional trailer for Cobra Kai season 3, fans were impressed to see Robby get arrested and transferred to a correctional facility.

Likewise, Daniel’s trip to Japan is also seen in the trailer as the sensei meets both characters from the Karate Kid universe, Chozen ( Yuji Okumoto ) and Kumiko ( Tamlyn Tomita ) in Okinawa.

One of the most impressive images in the trailer is seeing Miguel ( Xolo Maridueña ) alive and conscious after the terrible fall. Now in season 3 of Cobra Kai, Johnny ( William Zabka ) helps him with rehab and becomes his teacher, as the video shows.

Another surprise that the new Cobra Kai installment brings is seeing how former adversaries Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso ( Ralph Macchio ) work together, while villain John Kreese ( Martin Kove ) finally snatches the Cobra Kai Dojo.