The Netflix streaming platform will deliver to fans on January 8, 2021, the third season of everyone’s favorite series, Cobra Kai.

With a shocking promotional trailer showing the events that will take place in the third installment, Cobra Kai fans look forward to seeing all of their favorite characters again.

However, there is one character in particular who is not planning to return for the third season of the Karate Kid spinoff series, Cobra Kai.

As fans may have noticed in the trailer for the third season of Cobra Kai, actress Nicole Brown, played by Aisha Robinson, does not appear in the trailer for the next installment of the Netflix series.

Cobra Kai fans know Robinson as a student of Johnny Lawrence and friends with Samatha LaRusso, Daniel’s daughter, whom they have seen during the first two seasons of the series.

In this sense, there is the highest probability that Cobra kai fans will not see Aisha Robinson at Johnny Lawrence’s dojo again this season that will arrive in early January 2021.