The Cobra Kai trailers have made it clear that the repercussions of Robby’s actions against Miguel will see him sent to prison. Although what happened to Miguel was an accident, Robby acted recklessly and should be punished for what he did.

It’s important to note that Robby’s Cobra Kai season 3 fate was something that had to happen regardless of what happened between him and Miguel in the season 2 finale.

Before meeting Daniel at Cobra Kai and getting a job at his car dealership, he and two other children were committing crimes on the streets. Robby used drugs and stole from others.

It is unclear what they were involved in and to what extent they got away with it. It is true that Robby admitted to some of his wrongdoings later on on the Cobra Kai show, and has made considerable efforts to be a better person.

But what he is doing now does not amount to expiation. Robby cannot find adequate redemption unless he receives some kind of punishment for his actions in Cobra Kai season 2.

Going to jail is likely ultimately a good thing for your character because you can get out after you’ve learned some valuable lessons about taking responsibility. Once that happens, Cobra Kai can redeem Robby.