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Four years after its appearance the Citroen B-SUV receives a more than interesting. Because in addition to the aesthetic changes especially visible on the front the C3 Aircross is now more ambitious both in terms of comfort and technology. In fact, the French brand ensures that the 2021 range points towards a level of a higher range. Its proportions do not change which is an advantage since at 4.16 meters in length it is still very manageable in the city.

Also, the functionality of its cabin is guaranteed thanks to the 15 cm sliding rear bench, which allows us to play with the boot (which can range between 410 and 520 liters) or the space for the legs. whenever the height to the ceiling is very good, thanks to its fairly square proportions.

The master traits remain unchanged, but there are important new features that will enhance the C3 Aircross’s values ​​as a car out of town. Undoubtedly the most interesting is the adoption of the extremely comfortable Advance Comfort seats inherited from the C4 and C5 Aircross and which will be available with environments higher than the basic one. Visually more perceptible is the new screen of the multimedia system, now 9 diagonally and therefore larger Citroen also ensures that it has better handling.

There are also new storage spaces, both in the center console and in other areas inside so that all passengers have enough space to leave their belongings which are more and more, by the way-A very personal front the design section a feature that has always had a lot of weight in this model the highlight is its new front inspired by the experience prototype and similar to the one adopted in the new C3 but which in the Aircross version adopts a geometric design. unpublished that marks his personality.

Its SUV features are maintained such as the defensive elements around the perimeter of its body, but now Citroen will allow its appearance to be further customized by offering up to 70 possible combinations for its look. The C3 Aircross will offer seven colors three of them new-, four packs with chromatic inserts for different areas of the bodywork, and two roof colors white or black. Also, the rims will contribute their grain of sand to the image of the car, and can even be ordered in black. For the interior where there are no major changes beyond the new screen Citroen will propose four environments with different shades and materials.

The start will be the soberest and from there another three with different personalities will be deployed the Urban Blue will have a more sporty touch the more luxurious Metropolitan Graphite and the more sophisticated Hype Gray, with the presence of leather already inside. The four years that have passed since its launch are noticeable when we review the technological load that the C3 Aircross 2021 will have. For example, in terms of connectivity, it will have mobile compatibility through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with Mirror Screen or also wireless charging for mobile.

A dozen assistants in safety and comfort for driving aids, there will be up to 12 different ones, among which are the projection of color information on the windshield, a Top Rear Vision rearview camera, the parking assistant, the automatic long-range lights, And for driving the C3 Aircross 4×4 offer as weapons descent control or control Grip that fits the power delivery to the conditions of the firm.

The engines do not vary, except that the current access version with 100 horses will not be offered at the beginning. The range will start with the 110 hp petrol PureTech, which has a second step with the 130 variants (these with EAT6 automatic gearbox) and there will be two other 110 and 120 hp BlueHDI diesel, also with the automatic transmission reserved for the most powerful option.