Superstar Christian was interviewed for the WWE Network variety show The Bump. During the session, the wrestler spoke about his preparation to return to the ring and the possibility of seeing him compete again in the future. Next, his statements.

Christian’s Work To Return To The Ring

It’s been a long process to get in shape to get back in the ring. I retired because of the injuries I suffered seven years ago, and I would be lying if I said that Edge’s return didn’t make me consider it. Seeing all that adrenaline when he was close to it. to walk through the curtain and the huge reaction he got from live fans was incredible. I knew my case was different from Edge’s, but I wanted to feel that feeling one more time.

When I had that Unsanctioned Match against Randy Orton I repeated myself the same if I was making a mistake by straining my health. I started to get in shape and made several changes in my life. I didn’t want people to remember me just for getting kicked in the head in a ten-second fight. It needed to finish on my terms, and if Royal Rumble started opening doors for me, I’ll take them at my own ease.

Christian’s Work In WWE In Recent Years

I’ve been hanging around the halls and doing all sorts of things. It’s not unusual to see me every so often recording material for WWE Network or being part of a preshow. I remember hosting Edge when he made his comeback in 2020. I’ve been backstage for him at all times and I’m glad I saw his return in the front row.

Christian Thinks Ahead

They haven’t made any decisions as of now. I’m not sure what I might get involved in and it’s not in my power to determine. We will handle it as the days go by. If Royal Rumble was my last match, I can say I did it on my own terms and That’s all that matters.