Chris Eubank

Sebastian Eubank, boxer Chris Eubank’s boy, has died in Dubai, days before his 30-year-old birthday and one month after becoming a father. UK PA Media reported Saturday that the family had released a statement.

According to the family’s statement, Sebastian Eubank (third oldest of five kids) has died. He is survived by Salma Eubank and Raheem, his newborn son. According to PA, the drowning is believed to have caused the death of the 29-year-old.

Chris Eubank (54), ex-British middleweight champion, stated in the statement, “Never could I imagine I would write those words or feel this feeling at the loss of our son.”

Sebastian was raised in Hove in England and had been living in Dubai since his childhood. The family statement stated that Sebastian was “a leader in adopting a healthy lifestyle” and other alternative therapies. Sebastian was not only a professional boxer but also a personal trainer. He was also an avid thinker who challenged accepted wisdom.

“He was loved, respected, and appreciated by all who had the privilege of knowing him. His memory will live on in the hearts and minds of his friends and family. The family requested privacy and space for us to commemorate his life and to remember the son, brother, and friend.

Chris Eubank Jr. Sebastian’s older brother is also a professional fighter boxer. He posted the following on Saturday to his official Twitter account: “Rest easy little bro. You are loved and will be missed forever.

“I haven’t wept since I was twelve years old… Yesterday, I cried all day. I am sorry that I was not there to hold your hand like a big sister. Chris Eubank Jr. stated, “Can’t believe you are gone, man. But you will always be in mine heart, mind, and spirit.”

Sebastian Eubank was a very special man. He was a good man and always put others’ needs first. Chris Eubank Jr. said that he was a man of many talents. He could box, MMA, coach, cook, or even write poetry. However, the most important thing to him was helping those less fortunate than he.

“Now your legacy is alive through your beautiful son. I will love him like my own. Chris Eubank Jr. said, “Watch over us till we meet again young Lion.”

“And to all of you reading this right now, don’t take any of your loved ones for granted. Talk to them, see them, and make sure you keep an eye on them. You never know what the next time will bring. Chris Eubank Jr. stated, “I love you bro.”