The Indian Army has confirmed that last Thursday there was a “minor confrontation” between Indian and Chinese troops on the de facto border between the 2 countries in Sikkim, in northern India, which didn’t cause deaths but wounded soldiers. We clarified that there was a minor confrontation within the Naku area, within the north of Sikkim, on January 20, and it had been resolved by local commanders under established protocols, said the military during a statement.

The Army’s clarification came after the Indian agency ANI reported, without revealing its sources, that this “physical brawl” had occurred last week with “wounded on both sides”, specifically 24 soldiers, 20 Chinese and 4 Indians. Despite the very fact that the Indian Army requested to avoid exaggerations regarding what happened.


The incident in Sikkim follows the worst border clash in 45 years between India and China, which occurred last June within the Galwan Valley, within the western Himalayas, during which a minimum of 20 Indian soldiers was killed and 76 were injured.Both countries reacted to the confrontation by sending troops to the present line of control or LAC, a situation that increases the danger of the latest clashes which both New Delhi and Beijing are trying to defuse for months through diplomatic channels. However, the powers have repeatedly accused one another of the latest military actions and violations on the territory while the dialogue continues, with the last meeting held this Sunday.

Growing tensions with China prompted the signing of a satellite data exchange agreement between us and India at the top of October, which can allow New Delhi to get greater precision when handling its missiles or drones. But the momentum of the military alliance between us and India against China isn’t limited to land borders, but both countries also attempt to counter the influence of Beijing within the Indian Ocean, in neighboring nations like Sri Lanka or the Maldives.