Chicago P.D. season 8 could bring good surprises for Burgess and Ruzek despite losing their baby, but this will be the fate of their relationship.

Chicago P.D. producer Rick Eid is very excited about Burgess and Ruzek’s story, so he doesn’t lose hope for them to move on and this is what he said:

Let’s remember that they had Burgess and Ruzek, they had a very brief vision of a future with their son, but that sadly came to a devastating end when Burgess suffered a miscarriage.

But according to Rick Eid, the miscarriage left a big impact, but that doesn’t mean a closed door in a relationship.

So far Burgess and Ruzek’s relationship is the longest in the Chicago Police Department, so there are good reasons to still keep them together.

It only remains to wait for the continuation of season 8 of Chicago P.D., which will be next January 6, 2021.