• Lana’s withdrawal from her WWE TLC match was part of the return plans

Charlotte Flair’s return at WWE TLC surprised many with how unexpected it was. But WWE already gave us some clue about a return with Lana’s withdrawal from the fight where she had to compete. The fighter’s return plans had been in the works for a while.

This has been confirmed by journalist Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful.com in his exclusive section, Fightful Select. However, the return of Flair was unexpected even for managers and WWE wrestlers, in addition to that at no time was his return considered when the company built the story between Lana and Nia Jax.

It was so surprising that managers knew that Flair’s return was expected in the fall or winter, but they did not know when it would happen. The creatives looked for a good and unexpected moment for it and the reaction of the directive was satisfactory.

The decision to remove Lana from WWE TLC was at the same time as the decision for Charlotte to return. This is because the company has made changes to its plans on the fly.