• The Queen spoke about the reasons for her absence from WWE during the COVID pandemic and the reasons that led her to return.

WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair starred in the sneak peek of the latest episode of “The Day Of” During this material, “The Queen” spoke about the reasons that led her to take a break from the company, as well as those that led her to return at TLC 2020.

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Charlotte explains the reasons for her departure from WWE

“It is difficult to go home during a situation like the COVID pandemic. I felt confused with myself. I knew very well that it was not a good time to leave the company, but I needed to go home. If I did not do it now, never I’ll be able to do it again. But leaving this, I felt a little deflated. Not in a creative sense, but in the fact of being stuck. I worked on NXT, SmackDown, and RAW for a brief period of 2020. It was the best moment for me. career, but I didn’t feel real progress. ”

“The Queen” reflects on his return to WWE

” At some point, I felt like I was disappointing the company. Regardless of how the fans see me, I have always been there for them and it was strange to leave that behind. In the last six months, I reflected a lot on what my return would be like. It’s difficult to Do something surprising when you’ve done it all. I remembered that fight against Asuka at WrestleMania. She had nothing to prove, and I had a lot to lose. That match in New Orleans took me to a new level, and I felt indebted to her for that. Respect for Asuka prompted me to be her teammate ”