Cesaro has gone through the WWE Network program, Talking Smack, after being one of the participants of the Elimination Chamber to be a candidate for the Universal title of Roman Reigns. Cesaro has assured that he does not remember the last time he got an individual starting opportunity.

I can’t remember the last time I had a shot at the WWE title. I keep working hard because I believe that hard work pays off, and I believe and think of every person who believes in me and has believed in me since I came to the United States when I came to WWE, Cesaro explained.

The Swiss fighter has also made a journey through his career. I made my way the hard way. I worked every day to get to WWE. I worked every day to be here, and you know what I love. I love every moment that passes because that is who I am and that is what I believe in.

Also, he has sent a message to all those who work hard. No matter what everyone wants to tell you, take your steps because you think you are right. You are doing it the right way, with the right integrity, and with the right motives in mind. That matters. Your word matters. Your action matters.