Augusto Solari is already Celtic. The inside right of Racing de Avellaneda had reached an agreement with Celta days ago, taking into account that his contract expires in June, but his arrival will be brought forward to this month of January, in the absence of officialization.

The signing of the 29-year-old Argentine footballer – with an Italian passport – is the express request of Eduardo Coudet, who already directed him at Racing, until a year and a half ago. Solari previously played for River Plate, in whose quarry he trained, and Estudiantes.

Coudet has been key to the arrival of the midfielder. He is the person who has convinced him and the one who called the player directly to explain the Celtic project and the interest he had in joining now, six months before the contract was concluded. This situation will lead to Celta having to pay a lower amount for the transfer.

The arrival of Solari joins that of Aaron Martin a few weeks ago. A left-back and a right inside, when Celta’s absolute priority was the incorporation of a center forward. The club explains that both arrivals are possibilities that the market has offered within the economic parameters in which they can operate. Celta does not close on the arrival of the striker – who will always be of a lower profile – before the 31st. To do this he insists that he must release Jorge Saenz, David Costas, and the possibility of Junca, in the coming days.