Celestron Powerseeker 127EQ Review | Should You Buy It?


Hype up all those nighttime sky views and distant space interventions with this Celestron 127eq Telescope. In this Celestron Powerseeker 127EQ review, we have narrated it all in full to help you make your mind around whether to purchase this utility or not. So, let us get started into critiquing this product, acknowledging the notable pros and the exact cons. 

Celestron Powerseeker 127 EQ Review

Purchasing something directly out of the internet may constitute a skeptic fad over in our minds. Our intention behind providing this report on the Celestron Powerseeker telescope is to put before our readers the actuality of a product and its brand, so we may proceed further to learn if this proves worthful! Muster along. 

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Celestron Powerseeker 127EQ Review | Should You Buy It?

Founded back in 1964, Celestron is a U.S. based company that manufactures and distributes telescopes and has its headquarters in Torrance, California, United States. This company also distributes products like spotting scopes, microscopes, and other accessories manufactured by its parent company, The Synta Technology Corporation of Taiwan.

We have a telescope manufactured by the same company named ‘Celestron Powerseeker 127EQ’ for our review. The 127 in the name stands for its aperture, which is 127 mm or five pretty extensive inch, keeping in mind that it is a telescope for amateurs, and the EQ stands for an equatorial mount. To present a great telescope at such a low price, the company has made a few sacrifices that you will not notice if you are a beginner or your first telescope.

How Is Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ For Beginners?

The first thing to talk about after this is the primary mirror. A spherical mirror is used as the primary mirror in a parabolic mirror, which comes with specific unwelcome optical problems. Still, as we said, it is not a big deal for a beginner. Another thing is that a slight image distortion was seen even though it comes with a corrective lens but again, not a problem for amateurs.

Celestron Powerseeker 127 EQ

Powerseeker 127 EQ is a Newtonian telescope and gives you the benefit of longer focal lengths in significantly less tube size. Also, Newtonian telescopes have little optical problems. Namely, you get to see some coma tails on the edges of the viewing piece, but it is not noticeable if this is your first telescope.

How To Set Up Celestron PowerSeeker?

You can start using your telescope right away after receiving the package as it sets up in minutes without any tools. You just have to attach it to a pre-assembled tripod and an equatorial mount, and there you go.

What Can I Expect To See From Celestron 127EQ?

You should see details on the moon, the Saturn, and the rings of that planet. You can expect to witness Jupiter with proper alignment. Moreover, the four Galilean moons and the bright nebulae such as the Orion Nebulae, a few double stars seem pretty decent from the Powerseeker telescope.

You might view the sun, with a good quality solar filter on the front end of the scope. Although they won’t be able to see them in the greatest of detail, you can easily see things like the rings of Saturn, as well as most nebulae. Although they’re easily visible, especially at 127 mm equivalent. However, seeing nebulae are very dependent on light and pollution in your area.


  • Optical Design –  Newtonian Reflector 
  • Aperture –  127 mm (5 inches)
  • Focal Length –  1000 mm (39 inches)
  • Focal Ratio –  f/7.87
  • Highest useful magnification – 250x  
  • Lowest useful magnification – 18x 
  • Eyepieces included – 20 mm ( 50x magnification )
  • 4 mm ( 250x magnification ) 
  • 3 x Barlow Lens 
  • Limiting Stellar Magnitude –  13
  • Finderscope – 5 x 24 
  • Mount – Aluminum German Equatorial 
  • Optical Tube Length – 508mm ( 20 inches )
  • Dimensions – 33 x 17 x 11 inches 
  • Weight – 21.38 pounds 


You get to triple the magnifying power of each lens with the 3 x Barlow lens. Powerseeker 127 EQ has fully coated optical glass with high transmission coating, enabling it to create outstanding images with enough brightness and clarity. This telescope shows you correctly-oriented images so you can use it for both celestial and terrestrial viewing purposes. 

Celestron Powerseeker 127 EQ Review

Powerseeker 127 EQ is easily portable. Both the telescope and the tripod are easy to carry around. You can drag this item with you keeping it in your car’s trunk. Either you want it in your roof or your backyard, the transportation will not be a deal-breaker here.

The mirror in this telescope is exposed, so it will demand great care while handling and also while transporting or storing it. It could get dusty and spotty pretty soon if not appropriately handled. 

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Now, talking about the tripod, some compromises are visible here. To cut short the price, each brand focuses on minimizing a particular aspect. But overall, it can be said appropriate for an introductory telescope. Made up of aluminum, it is exceptionally lightweight and well built so that you don’t face problems while using higher magnifications.

Powerseeker 127 EQ

On the other hand, the tripod’s plastic parts are not very well constructed and seem cheap. But the telescope was not so stable on uneven surfaces, and the mount does not suppress the vibrations. Positively, it has an accessory tray to keep your extra stuff or little tools along with you. The heavy counterweights that come with this telescope can cause a little trouble sometimes. As they interfere with the knob at some times and change its position.

What’s In The Box?

  • Powerseeker 127 EQ telescope 
  • Finderscope
  • Three Eyepieces – 20 mm 
  • Four Barlow Lens
  • Aluminum Tripod
  • The SkyX – First Light Edition Astronomy Software

The software you get with this telescope is available on both IOS and Android. Moreover, You can use it to identify stars and many other heavenly bodies. And also, it has printable star charts for your exact time, date, and location. 

Closure | Celestron Powerseeker 127EQ Review

We hope that this Celestron Powerseeker 127EQ review has proven helpful for our readers. The real impact of the product- lays aside the brand value of what it offers in terms of quality and sustainability.

Accordingly, this product is a feasible approach and a trusted purchase. Moreover, you can join below in the comment section to shed some light upon the same. Do not forget to share your involvement with the Celestron Telescope if it happens to steer yourself to the sky.