Castlevania Season 5

Netflix now offers four seasons of Castlevania. And what about a 5th season? Unfortunately, there is bad news for fans of anime.

“Castlevania” is known to many as a video game. In 2017, Netflix finally adapted the Superhit games as a sequence. There are now four seasons that tell the story of Trevor Belmont and his allies. The creators implemented the production in a drawing style according to anime — and having a view to a large number of seasons, it was well-received.

On May 14, 2021, one day after the launch of Season 4, Castlevania rose to 8th place in the Netflix Top 10. An achievement that may talk for the 5th season. It is known whether there’ll be a sequel or not. Alas, the decision of the streaming service shouldn’t please all fans.

Castlevania: The plot of the Netflix anime.

The demons of the vampire Count Vlad Dracula Tepes haunt the area of Wallachia in Romania after the people burnt his wife for a witch. Trevor Belmont, the magician Sypha Belnades and Dracula’s son Alucard join forces to save the people and also to put an end to the hauntings. Together they manage to kill Dracula. On the other hand, the protagonists soon need to manage new vampires and creatures that give them a lot of trouble.

Castlevania Season 5

Castlevania: Will there be a 5th season on Netflix?

Before the release of the fourth season, Netflix decided on the fate of”Castlevania”: There’ll be no longer the fifth season. Therefore the story got its round end after the closing 32nd episode. Nevertheless, possible spin-offs can’t be ruled out. It is currently unclear if they will look or not. Alternatively, but the streaming service provides other animes, such as”High-Rise Invasion”, a remake of the string”Shaman King” will be released very soon.