Castlevania Season 5

THE EPIC FINAL SEASON of Castlevaniais out on Netflix, bringing the story of Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and Alucard to an end as they finally deal with the horrors that Started after Dracula declared war on Humankind for Its murder of his Spouse.

With Season 4 out, the question now becomes what next? As much as the final period of Castlevania wraps up the story, there are several threads left open for future installations to pick up. Bearing that in mind, we’ve gathered everything we know about Castlevania Season 5 so you can quit worrying and enjoy the carnage.

Is Castlevania Renewed For Season 5?

No. The series officially ended with Season 4, though it’s potential Netflix may discover another way to keep this story.

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Castlevania Season 5 Release Date

‘Castlevania’ season 4 expired on May 13, 2021, on Netflix. It’s 10 half-hour-long episodes. Frederator Studios produced the series, together with Warren Ellis and Adi Shankar getting the creating and developing credits, respectively. Season 4 concludes the present story in Castlevania.

However, the producers have plans to develop prospective animated series set in the same universe. On May 11, 2021, Netflix representatives reportedly told a news outlet that another series could have”a brand new cast of characters” In addition, they made it very clear that it would not be a spin-off show. Furthermore, Shankar has hinted that he wants to establish a larger narrative focused on several generations of the vampire-hunting Belmont family.

In July 2020, some sockets reported which Ellis wouldn’t be part of some future Castlevania jobs after season 4. The news came after Ellis faced allegations of sexual coercion and manipulation from multiple ladies. Considering’Castlevania’s popularity, Netflix will probably announce the growth of the yet-to-be-named next entry in the Castlevania net universe not long after the fourth season’s release. If this happens, expect this new Castlevania animated web series, or simply Castlevania season 5, to release sometime in 2022.

Castlevania Season 5

Castlevania Season 5 Cast: Who Can Be in It?

‘Castlevania’ season 4 includes both English and Japanese voice cast. One of the English cast members, Richard Armitage lends his voice to Trevor Belmont, James Callis to Adrian”Alucard” Tepes, Alejandra Reynoso into Sypha Belnades, Graham McTavish to Vlad Dracula Tepes, Marsha Thomason to Greta, Theo James into Hector, Adetokumboh M’Cormack into Isaac, Jaime Murray into Carmilla, Emily Swallow into Lisa Tepes, Jessica Brown Findlay to Lenore, Bill Nighy to Saint Germain, Yasmine Al Massri into Morana, Ivana Milicevic to Striga, Malcolm McDowell to Varney, Toks Olagundoye into Zamfir, and Titus Welliver into Ratko.

Murray, Findlay, Nighy, McDowell, Olagundoye, and Welliver won’t probably appear at another Castlevania job, as their characters are lifeless. But death is a shallow concept in this universe, so there is always a chance for these characters to return. The celebrities expressing human personalities who are still living, such as Armitage and Reynoso, will not likely reprise their roles within another job, except maybe for the flashback scenes. But, Callis, McTavish, and other celebrities expressing immortal characters might get cast in season 5.


The final episodes of Castlevania involve Saint Germain (Bill Nighy) being fooled into aiding in bringing back Dracula (Graham McTavish) from hell. Turns out, the individual aiding Saint Germain, or instead leading him for his nefarious purposes, was no other than Death, that had been posing as a vampire named Varney (Malcolm McDowell). Death was quite fond of Dracula contributed to lots of, well, death. With Dracula gone, the specter was starving, so he planned the revival of the vampire lord.

Of course, Death is conquered by Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage), that manages to stab Death with a distinctive sacred dagger in the kind of a cross. With a little help from a dying Saint Germain, Trevor yells Death to the Infinite Corridor, banishing him from this kingdom. Belmont is seen arriving at Dracula’s former castle half lifeless and reuniting with a currently pregnant Sypha (Alejandra Reynoso) and a puzzled Alucard (James Callis) as they set out to reconstruct the world now that Dracula and his reign of terror are over once and for all — or is it?