The theatrical passion of Carlos Sombra (Baracaldo, Vizcaya, 1960) is well known, who already in the early ’80s had his own company, La Espuela. Later, during his time as a professor at the University of the Basque Country, in 1987 he founded his Aula de Teatro. There he already produced and interpreted many of the plays, tasks that he continues to exercise 33 years later in Asesinos todos, the comedy that his beloved Reina Victoria Theater represents until May 2. In it, he plays Pepe, he will have to decide whether or not to stop the plans of his wife Diana Neus Asensi  and his friends Loli ( Elisa Matilla ) and Manolo ( Angel Pardo ) to improve their lives by killing people

Miserable, gray, legalistic, petty, well-off official He doesn’t exactly pay compliments to Pepe, his character in the play. I said to myself since I’m going back to the theater, we’re going to do it with a character that has little or nothing to do with me. And that’s how I put my acting skills to the test. He is a very beautiful character really. The four of the play. They always move in the key of comedy and this whether you want it not, gives another tone to the roles. But what I said is true Pepe is like that. Unfortunately, as he intervenes, he discovers that he is that mean miserable and very gray. Absolutely gray and selfish.
However, he is the one who confronts his wife with his best friends for defending the status

His wife and his married couple are the ones who set out to assassinate to maintain the status quo. And he is so legalistic and such an official of the Public Treasury that a crime cannot be allowed to be committed. From there, it is true that on the one hand, it seems that it is the only reference of the law, but on the other, it is so mean in its way of proceeding, so unsupportive and so miserable that it causes a bit of repulsion.
Do you think that the characters are a reflection of a society that does not carry especially frustration?

In that sense, we have gotten quite worse as a society. We want more and more things. We want them faster and faster. We are not prepared for the sacrifice that sometimes means to obtain them. We get frustrated right away when life turns us upside down. There are moments, such as those of the Covid, that shows that society as a whole has the capacity to resist, resilience, and overcome. With which, as almost always, there are contradictions in the social and behavioral model.

You yourself stand out as one of your character’s favorite lines that ambition only causes unhappiness. But in the workplace, he does not stop and says that if he had to figuratively murder someone, it would be those who say you can’t. Yes, but between the character and I, there are very few coincidences. The truth is that I am ambitious, but I am very healthy. I am not able to sacrifice anything or anyone to get something. But I indeed like to be always active to do things to have the initiative to have concerns. I think that is the way to improve and be happy. But my character is the opposite certainly. It is completely nondescript. He is a guy who got out of the opposition at the age of 25 and then decided not to hit the water again in his life. How has the pandemic handled its theatrical side?

The truth is that the moment is a bit hard. We did not expect it either. It’s been almost a year since all this started and we thought we were going to get over it. We are even in the opposite situation almost at the worst moment despite the vaccines. What’s more, vaccines are adding more than hope, frustration, and suspense what if they arrive, what if they don’t; that if we give the first dose, but not the second.

It is a bit amazing that we are living at this moment. Perhaps doing theatrical initiatives now may seem absurd. But far from that, I think it’s a good time. First of all, because we all need some fresh air. Second, because we propose a comedy, so that people have a good time, leave the house, be distracted, not be closed in on themselves. And third, because we offer safe spaces, with ventilation, hygienic measures. This makes it a place where you can spend time without fear of catching the Covid. And that is important. Have you already practiced the mythical Let’s Play by Joaquín Prat for the new fair price that you are preparing?

What I do intend to do is pay tribute at some point to Joaquin Prat Sr. by making that move and that let’s play because it was one of the most beautiful things the program had. It was like an invitation to life. Every time a contestant came and was told, it was as if they were saying and that’s great. And that final showcase that impressed me so much as a child Go figure! I was no longer so small, I was almost 30, but I saw the same thing happened to me: I saw the final showcase and said damn, whoever was there competing. The truth is that they were a showcase pass. And there are countries where I think those windows were extraordinary, if not absolutely wonderful.