Cannon Busters Season 2: Everything we know so far !
Cannon Busters Season 2: Everything we know so far !

Cannon Busters is a Netflix original web anime series by Satellite and Yumeta Company. The series is based on a short-lived fantasy comic book series by LeSean Thomas, which launched back in March 2005. Although the author being passionate about the story, the book series couldn’t continue for more than three releases.

Thomas was interested in creating an anime adaptation, but there was no progress for over a decade. However, the fans surprised Cannon Busters fan in 2014 by opening up a crowdfunding drive for an anime adaptation. Eventually, the anima was released on 15th August 2019.

The series follows a motley crew of travelers on an unforgettable journey to reunite 2 best friends. While exploring the enchanting land of Gearbolt, we come to know the travelers who are a lost case on their own.

A high-end, friendship robot S.A.M is determined to reunite with Kelby, her best friend. Kelby is the missing heir to her Kingdom under siege. Casey Turnbuckle is another traveler. She is an outdated, spunky grease-monkey repair robot who is looking for an upgrade. Philly the Kid is a wanted and immortal fugitive. Along with them is an oversized Cadillac Eldorado who is the greatest swordsman no one knows about.

The debut comprising of 12 episodes was a massive hit among its fans.

Renewal of the series

Considering the effort put into by LeSean Thomas for the first season, he surely would be back with another season. The anime has been praised by millions of fans. The director wouldn’t let the project die according to our anticipation.

After the immensely successful first season, Cannon Busters Season 2 would surely be good business that Netflix would be interested in. There has not yet been an official announcement but there are high chances of the series being renewed.

What will happen in the new season?

At the end of the first season we saw, the gang failed to recue Kelby from the hands of the kidnappers. More and more enemies stand in the way of the reunion of S.A.M and Kelby. In the last moments, S.A.M discovered that she was a Cannon Buster as well.

So, in the upcoming season, we might see her in Cannon Buster’s form. We would surely see the hippiest group of travelers face all the challenges strongly