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Callie Rogers became a millionaire when she was 16 years old. Winning £1.87 million in 2003 threw the young girl from north-west England off course. Britain’s youngest Lotto millionaire did not succeed in maintaining her sudden wealth and wasted it during a record period until it decreased to just £2,000 only! On this page, we will give some tips on how to deal with gambling sensibly. Let’s review how Callie Rogers fared. Also, you can check here the list of the best non Gamstop casinos.

From the Supermarket Checkout to the Shopping Spree

Callie Rogers lived with foster parents and worked a supermarket checkout for £3.60 an hour. Her life changed dramatically after winning the UK National Lottery jackpot. She quit her job and went on a spending spree. She later admitted that she was far too young to properly handle her unexpected fortune. For gifts to friends alone, she spent enormous sums, there was talk of half a million pounds. By her own admission, Callie wanted to be popular and was exploited by people she no longer considers her friends.

For herself, Callie treated herself to breast augmentations, dresses, tattoos, and cosmetics at great expense that ran into the hundreds of thousands. Her shopping list also included exclusive sports cars worth £85,000. In interviews, Callie Rogers denied spending a quarter of a million on cocaine. This sum was excessive, she herself was never dependent, and the topic was overrated.

According to our information, a large part of the lottery winnings, again up to a quarter of a million pounds, was also spent on travel, including to Mexico and Eurodisney in Paris. Callie’s boyfriends at the time also received large sums of money, while she granted loans to members of her family and circle of friends. Another cost factor was legal bills. There were sensible expenses, too: buying a house for her mother and a bungalow for Callie Rogers herself, totaling more than his quarter million.

Collapse & New Beginnings

After a few years of living in the lap of luxury, the fortune melted away. Callie Rogers’ life just spiraled out of control. A relationship with an unemployed lover made things worse. In the end, only £2,000 was left of the whole lottery win. Britain’s youngest lottery winner tried to kill herself with pills but was rescued. Long afterward, as a mother of multiple children, she declared that the age limit for entering the National Lottery needed to be raised: “At 16 you’re still a kid and you have no idea what money is or how you use it.”

Gone are the days when Callie Rogers was a lottery millionaire. She put her life in order, trained in social care, and became a nurse. She regrets not having used more of her former wealth to care for her disabled son. She tried to instill in her children the value of money from an early age, teaching them how to save for vacations and being content with presents at Christmas.

In 2018, Callie Rogers made headlines again. This time she was the victim of an attack by acquaintances who, according to the Mirror newspaper, were supposed to be looking after the dog at her boyfriend’s home. Instead, they mauled Callie when she unexpectedly came home early. Assault convictions followed.

Discussion About Age Limit

In Great Britain there has long been a discussion about raising the minimum age for participation in the National Lottery. In 2019, however, it was still the only game of chance that you were allowed to play at the age of 16, for all the others you had to be 18. A change could occur in 2023, the government in London launched consultations in 2019.

The discussion gained momentum again with the case of lottery millionaire Jane Park. Park was 17 when she raked in a million in 2013 – with similar negative consequences as for Callie Rogers. Jane Park also spent large sums on cosmetic surgery, cars, vacations, and clothing. And she also publicly announced that her early wealth had brought her no luck and that she would never play the lottery again. She even considered filing a lawsuit against the National Lottery. According to her accusation, she should never have allowed a young girl to get her hands on so much money that ruined her life. However, there are said to have been offers to Park to help her with asset management.