Bypass Tumblr Safe Mode On Android, iOS & Windows (100% Working)


I never actually grasped why ‘Not Safe for Work’ is a category rather than a disclaimer. And each time I try to wrap my brains around this- I blast a burst of a gruesome laugh. In fact, that’s something not safe for work if you ask me. Hey, however, you came across such restrictions on Tumblr, haven’t you? It’s apparent- you are here. But I deem it necessary, and Tumblr Safe Mode is a helpful thing to be. However, as intended, I’ll guide you through the methods to Bypass Tumblr Safe Mode if you stay along.

Bypass Tumblr Safe Mode

Further in this article, we will be understanding why Tumblr Safe Mode is set on default for all age group users. Besides, there are going to be interesting facts which you might not know about Tumblr. Moreover, as the highlight, you will be getting to know all there is to bypass Tumblr Mode for unrestricted content across the major platforms. So, muster along. 

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Bypass Tumblr Safe Mode 2021 

Tumblr, in its best use, serves as the best platform for content consumption. Now it might be argued that Reddit is better, but again it’s a matter of choice. Personally speaking, Reddit, for me, is like a cluster where you need to struggle to find something good for yourself. And, well, there is a lot of community-specific channels, and it often makes me feel overload. Again, the thing with Tumblr is- right when it started, it has made itself reserved for a class of people. I don’t go around finding Tumblr as a preference of everyone, and there is a reason to it.

Tumblr warning Sensitive Media

Tumblr is clean. Again, no content-sharing platform can ever be entirely devoid of adult, NSFW, lewd, and nudity as of this century. But at least, it’s the fate of Tumblr that it has never disappointed me in matters of genuine, family-friendly information and content. Now, even I get the thought of diverging my way to something different than the regular atmosphere of Tumblr, which in my opinion is a very natural tendency of a young man/woman/them. And while I can and always do bypass Tumblr, Tumblr Safe Mode has always got my back. As to when the feels go, I do not have to share my guilt in compromising with the content by closing the app- because now it appears so disgusting. Read more on it below. 

Why Can’t I Access Sensitive Content on Tumblr?

It is because when something is labeled or flagged, Tumblr immediately tries to hide it. After all, they don’t want their users to come across any such thing which they would never want to see. However, as I told you earlier, not all content always is filtered, and upon search, you may come across your desirable content if you search smartly. But to keep it meme-friendly, Tumblr does not believe in luring the users by serving food for your hormones. 

Tumblr in Reddit

Tumblr knows the difference between a genuine audience and a spam-inducing/ fake audience. As on Twitter, you might come across pages with names such as ‘hot girls’ or ‘18+’, and when you enter there, you are being served nothing but advertisements and promotions of cheap stuff. This is so demeaning and not something which anyone might ever want to happen with them. And so, Tumblr focuses on general, acceptable, and valuable content rather than foxy and pornographic content. 

Tumblr Safe Mode Default 

By default, Tumblr is set on Safe Mode by default for all its audience. You might have noticed that you are asked your age while you sign up for Tumblr or create a new account. For kids and people below- there is absolutely no way that the Safe Mode can be manipulated, and which shouldn’t be too. I would trust my kids with Tumblr. However, if your age is legally adult- then you can ponder around a few methods which can serve you free sensitive content on-demand. It works like we will serve it only if you demand it. Otherwise, we have these world-class memes for you to enjoy. 

Bypass Tumblr Safe Mode on Android

Toggling the Tumblr Safe Mode in Android is fairly simple. All you have to do is have an with your account. And follow these steps to make it work.

  • Launch the Tumblr App.
  • TAap on the icon representing your Account.
  • See a Gear type of icon at the right-top corner of the screen? Tap on it.
  • We want you to find the General Setting option.
  • Now, find ‘Filtering,’ and do you see a toggle around ‘Safe Mode.’
  • Oh, now you can play with it as you want. 

Disable Tumblr Safe Mode on Android

Bypass Tumblr Safe Mode on iOS

It was some work on android devices to disable Tumblr Safe mode. But when it comes to iPhones and iPad, it’s as swift as Taylor. Follow along. 

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Once it’s on, go for ‘Tumblr.’
  • Trust in us and put your fingertip on Tumblr Settings.
  • You must see the ‘Safe Mode,’ so tap on it.

Tumblr Don't Hide Anything

  • Now, select the ‘Dont hide anything’ option. Kaboom! 

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Bypass Tumblr Safe Mode on Windows

Hmm! Alike me, you are also a lover of windows when it comes to browsing. I swear, my phone is just for WhatsApp, and that too is shared on my PC. Anyways, in a few months- we will all be able to use android apps right on our PC, effortlessly. Heard of Windows 11 update. No? Check it out. 

However, for now, let’s help you with disabling Safe Mode on Tumblr for desktop. Follow along. 

  • Open any browser. 
  • Search for Tumblr
  • Log yourself in and click on next. 
  • See the dashboard? If yes, then go to the settings.
  • You will find the ‘Filtering’ option.
  • As we always say- you can now play with it as you want.

Tumblr Desktop settings

How Do You Turn Off Safe Mode in Tumblr Without Account? | Best Tumblr Alternatives

More of an incognito user? I wonder what you fear. However, you asked, who am I to judge?

Perhaps, you’d like to know that this still is possible. You can disable Tumblr Safe Mode without having an account. You don’t need to have an account on Tumblr. 

Best Tumblr Alternatives

  • Search on Reddit as a subreddit to whatever your mind has clung upon, with the term Tumblr.
  • Use Tumbleviewer to access NSFW content without directly going to Tumblr.
  • Additionally, there is Tumbex, where you can search basically any blog on Tumblr.
  • That is all the good advice we had to offer except this one, ‘CASCADR.’ Have fun. 


Closure | Bypass Tumblr Safe Mode

Liked our report on how to Bypass Tumblr Safe Mode? We aspire to assist in your cause to the best of our limits. In this Tumblr Safe Mode article, we had a pretty elaborate discussion on why Tumblr has Safe Mode? Also, we discussed how this is one of the best things about Tumblr. And not just that- we also discussed amazing steps, which were easy. Thus, enabling you to disable Safe Mode on Tumblr. But if you still feel stuck, you can reach out to us via the comment section below.