Bypass Human Verification | 7 Easy Methods to Bypass Everything Online


You click on a website and here again, you have to complete the human verification or fill a survey before proceeding further. Some of these methods complicate users’ experience and therefore, we have enlisted some of the methods that can help you bypass human verification.

bypass human verification

We have listed working methods to bypass all types of human verification for all types of operating systems, platforms & devices. Besides, you can also automate this process with the help of certain scripts and plugins. Let us not waste any more of our time and move further to the main subject.

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How To Bypass Human Verification? (7 Easy Methods)

Human verification is a feature that is used to make sure that the one who is downloading/ accessing the file is a human. It is used to reduce the number of submissions made by spambots. But, some of these are very time-consuming and we just want to get rid of them. 

Below are some working methods to bypass human verification online:

Bypass Human Verification On Android

Bypass Human Verification On Android

There are several ways to learn how to disable human verification on Android. Most of the time, these are in the form of an app download or you have to complete a survey. So, to get rid of these android surveys read the steps below:

For UC Browser

There is an inbuilt Ad-blocker plugin included within the UC Browser. If you can’t find it, then you can install it from the UC Browser. Go to Menu, then Addons and click on the ‘Ad block’ plugin.

After installing it, you will be able to skip or block these verification surveys. With this, you can easily bypass human verification on android within 5 seconds.

For Chrome Browser

Google has taken care of these surveys as their main aim is great user experience. When browsing from google chrome, you can bypass human verification with the help of a chrome addon. 

google chrome to bypass human verification

Also, while using any site from Google, you’ll be warned of these verification procedures before. This will automatically turn off these popup surveys and ads. So, you can escape them in Android easily.

Adblock Plus App

If you don’t want to use UC browser or chrome, then you can use your favorite browser by simply installing an app. Instead of using a malicious APK to bypass human verification, you can download the Adblock Plus app from the google play store. 

This app will help you avoid any kind of surveys and also supports removing annoying ads. If the anti-ad app recognizes the source code, then the survey may be removed.

ad block pluss app

If it does not work, try using another plugin that bypasses human verification or switch to another method. For a better quality experience, you can opt its premium plan. Some of the other ad blockers you can use include CyberSec and CleanWeb.

How To Bypass Human Verification To Download A File?

The human verification process is almost the same for every website. They require you to fill up a survey before you can download any file. But, you can skip these by following some basic methods to bypass human verification. This will help you get rid of these surveys and you will be able to download any file easily. Follow the steps below:

  1. First, download the Sandboxie. sandboxie
  2. Download Hotspot Shield and connect it to the USA’s IP. Open the browser and clear all cookies and history.
  3. Now, open the browser with a survey download link. 
  4. Choose an email to submit the survey and enter fake information or select install survey from the list.
  5. Now open a new tab and download the file.
  6. Open and run Sandboxie and follow all the required steps and click agree.
  7. The installer file will download automatically.
  8. Now open Sandboxie control, click on sandbox then default box and then tap on the delete contents. 

With this, you can enjoy downloading any file and skip human verification.

Bypass Human Verification Without Doing Anything

There are various tactics you can use to bypass human verification. If you are using a laptop or PC, then we will recommend you to use google chrome as the default browser. These are some of the human verification removers online that you can follow to bypass the survey without doing anything.

NoScript Addon

This Plugin helps in blocking the Javascript on any website you want to visit. You can download it for free and this can even be used efficiently for android. It will work on about half of the human verifications and it also helps to remove the overlay generated to cover the websites.


Follow the steps below:

  1. Install the NoScript plugin from the play store/ browser extension tab on your device.
  2. Now, visit the website containing the human verification process.
  3. The survey will automatically be removed by this method.

Page Editing

Page editing involves the use of browser plugins to edit the website you are searching for. Also, it helps remove the overlays that are preventing you from accessing the content of the website. 

Though this method is similar to the NoScript technique, it can be efficient for more websites that are not using javascript. Follow the steps to bypass human verification using page editing without many efforts:

  • On your PC, open any browser.
  • Open plugins and search for extensions. Or type browser extension plugins and visit the store.
  • Search ‘page edit’ and install a plugin that supports editing a page and look for the source code.
  • Then, highlight the verification box and delete it once the plugin is activated.
  • You can also take the help of source code to remove the code sections that are appropriate for finding survey overlay and deleting them.

Besides this, you can also use inspect element (right-click on the page and select Inspect or click F12,) click on the verification box, and note the block id of this element. Now, click on the block and delete the element.

Though it is effective, this method requires some skills to use it appropriately. So, if it is challenging for you, try another method first. 

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Survey Remover Tools

Several survey remover tools are available that are used to bypass human verification on various websites. Some of the popular ones include Survey Bypass, Survey remover, and Survey Smasher. 

survey remover tools to bypass human verification

Some chrome extensions like ScriptSafe, Auto Overlay Remover, and some firefox extensions like redirect bypasser and universal bypass are also available. You are required to add these extensions to any of your browsers and you can enjoy browsing the site with no human verification.

How to Bypass Human Verification with Inspect Element?

This is not an easy method but is one of the best methods to block human verification. Below are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to the website that includes the human verification survey.
  • Press the F12 button before the survey box appears or right-click on the mouse and select inspect option. Make sure to do it before the pop-up appears. Otherwise, reload the page again.

open inspect element

  • Now, take the cursor on the pop-up and click on the human verification box.
  • You will then see a block of code in the console. Copy this code block’s id.
  • Right-click on the block and select the delete element option.

delete element

  • If there is more than 1 verification box, then repeat the last three methods for them.
  • Now press Ctrl+F on the keyboard and enter the code block id that you have noted before in the field available. Find the ones with the same id and delete all of them.
  • Then, exit from the inspect element window, and all the verification pop-ups will be removed.

FAQs | Bypass Human Verification

How to Bypass Human Verification on an iPhone?

You can use Auto Link Bypasser. Copy the link given below in its description and paste it into google chrome. Now, the page will appear and you need to click the box icon on the left side. Here, you will see a bunch of websites whose surveys can be bypassed by this method. Remember, it does not provide support for every website but there are plenty of them included in it.

What Are Some of the Bypass Human Verification APK?

One of the apk that you can use to skip human verification includes Lucky Patcher APK. It supports disabling human verification from your android games and android based websites. 

Another one is called the ‘human verification app that generates temporary access codes to gain access to the protected websites. This is regarded as one of the efficient methods to avoid bots and spam.

How to skip human verification in GTA 5?

First, you need to download the GTA 5 APK file on your android or ios device. Now, click the link to get the skip verification file which is around 1 MB.

Extract the zip file using any archiver app. Copy and paste it to your local storage or android. And, after that, you will see that human verification is being removed from the game.

Closure | Bypass Human Verification

These were some of the most effective tricks and techniques to bypass human verification from any website you want. You can download any of the anti-viruses on your PC before using these tools. Although they are entirely safe, it’s good to have one such in place to avoid any problem due to malware.

Though by technical means, you can’t bypass all survey/verification content lockers and websites, as these are based on server-sided checks. So, all we can do is try the above methods and see which one can come out as an effective method for a particular website.