Hey there! Dopamine seeker. You are looking for something more specific to reach that climax, aren’t you? And you crave to quench that thirst, but the regular tube isn’t doing it for you anymore. You are bored of the regular forced storyline content. You want your fantasies fulfilled, and you are here because you heard of Onlyfans. And much to your surprise – Onlyfans isn’t free even in this time and age. It is pretty tough to get access to Free Onlyfans Accounts, and therefore, we have shared some to make it easier for you.

Free Onlyfans Accounts

If you are on any social media site and you ogle at chicks. You must have seen Onlyfans mentioned in some of their bios. And you can’t stop your imagination and fantasies. Onlyfans is a subscription-based app that lets you look at content at a price. There are endless models here who do all kinds of stuff. Trust me, all kinds of stuff, from anime cosplay to fantasy roleplay. Guess what? Even Madam Khalifa offers exclusive videos & photos here.

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Free Onlyfans Accounts 2021 – Absolute Guide

Onlyfans is like any other social media platform. You can upload content and interact with your followers as well. The only distinction is the kind of content. But you are already aware of what content this platform offers. 

But you seem like a guy that probably has a stash that you downloaded from torrent. So there’s no way you are going to start paying for it. You probably even have a dedicated Bra##ers folder. 

Unlike Netflix, Onlyfans makes it hard to access its premium content. But don’t worry, I will help you get to that peak, metaphorically speaking. I will tell you how you can get access to free Onlyfans accounts. Just sit back and hold that stand for a little longer. 

Why Get Free Onlyfans Accounts? 

The general tube is boring if you ask me, same cliche lines and stories. People don’t want only nudity and the same old “stars.” Onlyfans hit the sweet spot of what consumers want. Onlyfans cracked the age-old greek puzzle of desire. The consumers want a personalized experience, and Onlyfans is structured around that.

Onlyfans have redefined prurient content. It has created a haven for adult stars and new content creators. All the while, it pleases the consumer the way they want to be happy. 

Top Onlyfans Accounts

With over a million content creators and with the daily addition of 7k-8k users, how will you ever run out of options? Here creators take requests from over 50 million users. Your fantasy is probably not that unique, so it just might get fulfilled. 

Not only that, here content creators can choose what request to accept and what to deny. Content is monitored for apparent reasons, and nothing is forced. Everyone is doing it out of their free will. What’s better than a climax without any guilt? You’re to judge.

Bella Thorne Onlyfans Picture

And because of all its qualities and perks, Onlyfans has an asking price. When you know what people want and how badly they want it. You make that thing scarce. That’s business. 

But don’t worry, this isn’t a lecture session on marketing 101. I have what you came here for. I know you are tired of wondering “how to get free Onlyfans accounts.” I got you covered. 

Cosplay in Onlyfans | Top Onlyfans Model

How to Get  Free Onlyfans Accounts? 

Believe me, when I say it, Onlyfans doesn’t make it easy to get free access. But don’t worry, I will not be the bearer of bad news. After looking for months, I found three ways to get your own free Onlyfans accounts.

Free Onlyfans Accounts and Passwords

Have you ever tried those free Netflix hacks? All you have to do is try some random usernames and passwords. This is very much the same. I have found plenty of usernames and passwords that you can try. Now just like Netflix, some of them will work, and some of them aren’t. Try the below-mentioned credentials and log in to a free Onlyfans premium account.  

Username  Password
nightm4re@gmail.com johnndeep4
fearless4@gmail.com jackbrown77
conqueror2020@gmail.com corona
inflames531@gmail.com 531531531
unexpected546@gmail.com 123456789
magician685@gmail.com 123456789
crocodile5724@gmail.com nusretsalt57
gravity245@gmail.com 911542512
slayer2451@gmail.com francis47511
eaglepaw84@gmail.com 84eagle84
fearlessfighter52@gmail.com elizabethlove2255
inflames99@gmail.com 987654321
silentdeath464@gmail.com 686432153542
road65warrior@gmail.com 3584121341

How to make money on Onlyfans?

Free Onlyfans Account Generator

Now, this is like the previous one. It just has some extra steps. So all you have to do is go to the below-mentioned site. Tap on the generator. It will give you a free Onlyfans username and password. Again like the previous one, you will have to try several times for it to work. It’s like the fake card details generators. Just like that, have some patience and keep trying.


Onlyfans Third-Party Downloader | Free Onlyfans Plus

Have you ever heard of mods or cracked apps? If you are an android user, you might have heard of ad-free Spotify. Developers reprogram the apps so that you get the desired things out of them. It’s the same thing. It’s a reprogramed app that you have to install from a third-party site. Now I don’t recommend doing it because it’s from a third-party app and most probably will inject malware into your device. I know you want free Onlyfans accounts, but is it worth losing your device over it? 

Onlyfans Plus | Onlyfans Alternatives

You can use this site to download the app: Click Here only if you are a daredevil kind of guy and don’t shy away from risk and want to try the app. Ensure that you allow the ‘Unknown Resources’ installed on your device. Switch off battery-saving mode from your devices. And if you have a spare machine, use it for this stunt instead of your daily carry. 

Try Telegram | Onlyfans Telegram

Now I have one last rabbit in my hat. You all must have heard of the Telegram, right. It’s a texting app, much like WhatsApp. But it has turned into a sort of like a black market. If you are familiar with the Telegram, you know what I am talking about. You can get free Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu premium accounts, Spotify, and, turns out, even Onlyfans. 


Onlyfans Telegram Link | Free Account Onlyfans

You have to type free Onlyfans accounts in the search section. Look for a group with the most number of subscribers. And wait for that group to be updated. The admin keeps updating the group with new usernames and passwords. Once you see a unique username and password, use it, and you are in. Guess what you can also get a free Bra$$ers account here on Telegram. I just thought you might want to know that. 

Onlyfans Subscription Cost

Just like everything else, Onlyfans also monitors the subscription fees. Each content creator can set their prices, but they should fall between $4.99 to $49.99. The majority of the subscriptions range from around $20-$25. But for some new influencers, you can get the lowest prices as they try to attract followers.

Onlyfans Promocode

Not only that, but you can also tip your content creator for her services. Some models even receive payment to give access to private messaging services. You can interact, make requests, and much more. I suggest that you wait for a while, then wait until the holiday season arrives.

Models are extra generous around that time. You can also buy an individual piece of content at a discounted rate.       

Onlyfans Discounts and Offers 

Now, if you want to pay for it, you are a bit short on cash. Onlyfans can help you with that. There are several ways of getting a discount on Onlyfans. Since they spend so much on marketing and are trying to expand their user base, they have permitted each model to value their content individually. All you have to do is look for a model, and most probably, she will have a promo code. 

Onlyfans on Twitter

Even though each model can decide the amount of discount they can give, the limits for new and established models are different. Why do you ask? Well, because Onlyfans takes a 20% cut on what the creator makes. So if the creator’s earnings go down, Onlyfans earnings go down. 

If you want to avail of maximum discount try to look for new models. They will give away more deals as they want to increase their followers. The established ones aren’t desperate for followers, so they don’t give much value. But even they become generous during the holiday season. Models can go as low as $2.99 during the holiday season or in general when giving away discounts. 

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Free Onlyfans Accounts to Subscribe to

Now, if it’s your first time on Onlyfans and you don’t know which models are the best. Then don’t worry. I will suggest some of the best models on this platform once you get your free account. Just look for these models and have fun. 

How to use onlyfans for free

Cup of Carli

As I said, nobody likes absolute nudity. We know what’s under there. And Carli understands that perfectly. She knows that lust is not just about looking at bare bodies. Passion is about intimacy. It’s imaginative. Carli understands that she knows exactly how to fulfill her audience’s desires with a smoky hot body. In a way that they keep coming for more. 

Carli is a master of striptease. She leaves just the right amount of clothing that would stimulate your imagination. But that’s not all she does. She occasionally serves her followers with adult clips as a treat. If you know what I mean, you won’t mind looking at that body in certain positions. She is so good that she can make you go from 0-100 without even taking anything off. 

Do check out her content because she never lets you down. 

Daisy Dray on Onlyfans 

I mean, we all have celebrity fantasies, don’t we? But we have to settle for the next best thing, lookalikes. But that’s not the only thing she can do. She knows how to use her assets to please her followers with a naturally curvy body. 

She cosplays as Ariana Grande, and she is the spitting image of hers. Only that she is way lot curvy from all the right places; if you want to see the pornographic version of Ariana, then you should subscribe to her.

She posts videos and Pics of her dressed up as the pop star. And she does a variety of stuff in those videos. If you are into this kind of visual pleasure, then she might be the one for you.


Let’s say she is The stepmom of Onlyfans. Zayla is a master when it comes to fetishes and roleplay. She has a smoking hot body and has experience using it to get you dripping. This Jedi knows how to make good use of the lightsaber, if you know what I mean. 

She masters in Stepmom and MILF content. But that’s not all she can do. She also throws in some costumes now and then to spice things up. Not only that, she is very generous when it comes to discounts. 

She provides her fans with regular content updates. Not only that, she takes out the time to interact with her traditional fans and followers.

Molly Simps

No, she is not an ex-pornstar. And once you hear what she has to offer, you will be glad she isn’t if you are into cosplay and have fantasies of fictional characters. Then Molly will do just that for you. She loves to accept the demands and requests of her fans, which most of the time is cosplaying as a fictional character. It can be anime or Video games; you name it. 

As long as she can find the costume, she will do it with a naturally curvy body that jiggles like jelly when she moves. You can’t help but stare at her in those beautiful costumes. Although you probably won’t even notice the outfit because of her natural cushions. When you visit her profile, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her lips. And yes, she does what you want her to do with those lips as well. 

Closure | Free Onlyfans Accounts

Onlyfans have grown exponentially during that pandemic, and rightfully so. People are alone and lewd, and in need of intimacy. And Onlyfans does an excellent job at providing the right content for each user. 

But when something is that good at its job, they don’t do it for free. Onlyfans still have reasonable charges. But some folks can’t get themselves to pay for porn. It’s against their morals. I am not here to judge or anything. That’s why I shared with you possible ways to get free Onlyfans accounts.

Try each of the ways I shared with you and share the one that worked for you in the comment section.

Also, if you have any queries about anything related to Onlyfans, feel free to drop your questions in the comment section.