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Gone are the days when we had to use those diskettes with limited spaces when saving files on our computers. Nowadays, offering so much space for your computer files are USB flash drives. You are familiar with these, for sure. Actually, you might have bought one or two in the past. But there are some people who would buy USB flash drives in bulk. Should you also consider buying USB flash drives in bulk? It is not that you are selling them for profits; maybe you can, but what are there that you need to know when you want to buy USB flash drives in bulk?

First, Let Us Review, What Is A USB?

USB is the acronym and shortened term for Universal Serial Bus, which is essentially a plug-and-play storage device that provides portability and convenience through flash memory with an integrated USB interface.

This is built for electronic devices and computers. A USB flash drive is supported by almost every operating system out there, such as macOS, Linux, Windows, many BIOS, boot ROMs, and so much more.

A USB has multiple versions, but mostly, you see USB 2 and USB 3, which use a similar plug type, and then the USB Type-C, which refers to the connection type of the USB’s plug.

Flash memory, meanwhile, is a computer chip without detachable parts. And it preserves data even when the power is off. Compared with older data storage devices like CDs and diskettes or floppy disks, USBs are smaller, more durable, and easier to keep. USBs are not only more lasting, but they are also immune to electromagnetic interference.

Also, there are several names that these USB flash drives go by. They can be referred to as USB drives, USB sticks, flash drives, USB thumb drives, pen drives, key drives, and more. USB flash drives may have begun being used for storing data, but now, they can do so much more. They can provide sufficient storage to save audio tracks, videos, PDFs, and images, among many others.

Furthermore, several USBs now come with data protection software built-in or such software that is procured online. It helps keep sensitive data stored on the USB flash drive, and those data remain kept in case it is forgotten or misplaced. Many people use this device.

Advantages Of The USB

The strong build quality of these USBs paves the way for their increased durability and longer shelf life. It also has various usages, making it easy to use, as mentioned a while ago, for different data formats, such as audios, videos, images, PDFs, and more.

Another benefit that USBs can give is that they are compact and highly convenient to store. For example, you can attach USBs to keychains.

Plus, the multiple storage capabilities that a USB flash drive provides make it easier for users to select the capacity most suited to how they need it. If the goal is to copy and transfer huge files like videos, USB drives are available in eight, 16, and 32 GB flash drives. There are also larger drive sizes, such as 64, 128, and 256 GB. The largest storage capacity in a USB flash drive is 2 TB as of 2018.

However, if you just need to store smaller file sizes, there are USBs at 64, 128, 256, and 512 MB; and 1, 2, and 4 GB. In addition, if used correctly, this device can last you between 10 to 15 years because you may rewrite or erase data.

There are several considerations when you want to buy USB flash drives in bulk. At a personal level, pricing and drive capacity are among the top concerns. At times, buyers are also looking at the aesthetics of the USB. However, they look at all of these things when purchasing USBs in bulk.

The Need To Buy USB Flash Drives In Bulk

Some people buy flash drives wholesale for various reasons. USBs serve as excellent secondary storage, which is oftentimes crucial for many individuals. These devices are also provided to employees of companies, such as large corporations.

There are also instances when individuals use the USB as a marketing gimmick. Clients are given free USBs with company logos printed on them. Conferences and seminars often provide USBs as their promotional giveaways.

Nowadays, also trending are USB business cards. Instead of the traditional printed business card, a USB business card provides relevant contact information on the physical device itself that can store your resume, portfolio, and other details you want your business partners or clients to know.

In recent times, these devices can be customized according to color and content in order to provide unique and varied experiences to the receiver of the device.

Also, buying flash drives in bulk is considered more economical. This is more affordable since you are buying wholesale. The bigger the order, the cheaper the total price will be.

Where To Buy USB Flash Drives In Bulk

Aside from the pricing, the types of data you will store in the USB and how often you intend to use the device, and where you will buy the USB is also an important consideration. Be careful about buying USBs over the Internet because you want a USB that is safe to use. There are several counterfeit products online that will only peril your usage. Choose well-known USB brands online so you are sure you are getting the most out of the product. Likewise, you should also be able to know your needs. Identify why you need these USBs.

Also another critical aspect to take notice of is customer service. This helps when you need to have the USB you have purchased repaired. Are there people available to attend to your needs? Efficient customer service will likely resolve any after-purchase problems you might face. And those are generally everything you ought to know that will help you in the decision-making process when buying USB flash drives in bulk.