Brooklyn Nine-Nine has ended its eighth season. There are many options to end the run. In its first season, the Fox-turned NBC sitcom was launched in 2013. It has grown its audience over the years. It includes several high-profile viewers like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Mark Hamill both of whom helped boost the support for its renewal when it was canceled by Fox after season 5. This resulted in NBC being picked up as its home network after several years. It is now over, but the good news about it is that the creator’s Dan Goor & Michael Schur have the chance to finish it how they wish.

The events of Brooklyn Nine-Nine were triggered by Raymond Holt’s (Andre Braugher), arrival in Brooklyn’s 9th Precinct. Initial tensions between the new captain and his subordinates resulted in this arrival. Subordinates are more comfortable with a less-obtrusive superior. The relationship between the captain and his subordinates began to develop over time. Their relationship developed beyond work-related issues. Their work requires that everyone is involved in each other’s milestones. Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz), who came out as bisexual, was also included. Amy (Andy Samberg), and Jake (Melissa Fumero), were involved in the romance that led directly to the birth of their first child.

After a delayed 8th season due to a variety of factors like the coronavirus outbreak and the nationwide protests about police brutality, NBC announced that this sitcom’s end would be announced. The cancellation was not announced, though there are possible factors. Season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine suffered its lowest ratings with 2.69 million viewers on average — a sharp drop from season 6.’s 3.11million. Another issue that may have contributed to this is the criticism that it’s being used as a propaganda tool for the police. These are the possible endings of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Captain Raymond Holt Will Finally Be NYPD Commissioner

Season 5 revealed that Holt had a chance at the NYPD commissioner. A lot of Holt’s arc focused on him campaigning for the post. The whole 99 Squad was supportive of Holt’s possibility of being promoted — many of them believed that he would be appointed to the post. The finale, which included the wedding of Jake, Amy, and Holt, showed that he did not win the bid. Holt briefly lost his spirits and wanted to be out of the service. Eventually, he bounced back and continued his stint as the 99th precinct captain, until his arch-enemy, Madeline Wuntch (Kyra Sedgwick) pulled another horrible prank on him.

After realizing that he had not completed his period as a beat police officer, Holt was demoted from Brooklyn Nine-Nine 7 to a uniformed officer. Later, Holt regained his position as the 99th precinct’s Captain. He will still be there in season 8. However, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is ending and it might be fitting that he gets the NYPD Commissioner’s position. It will be a satisfying end to his story and could be used to help the show address the real-life problems of brutal policing in the communities where he lives.

Terry Becomes The Next 99th Precinct Captain

Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews), who has been the squad’s Sargeant for years, finally becomes Lieutenant in Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7. This professional milestone was not an easy one. At the beginning of the sitcom, he was struggling to get on the field again after a failed mission. Holt (Chelsea Peretti), Gina Linetti, and Holt helped him overcome the problem and became more involved in the team.

However, after nearly being sent to Staten Island and Holt’s demotion, he took over and briefly became the acting Captain. While he admittedly became a bit anxious at the beginning of his tenure, he quickly calmed himself and completed the job admirably. If Holt becomes NYPD Commissioner in Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s season 8, then the 99th Precinct needs a new Captain. Who better than Terry to fill that spot?

Amy Becomes A Lieutenant – But In A Different Precinct

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8

Amy is promoted from a Sargeant into a Lieutenant, with Holt being the NYPD Commissioner. Terry also became the 99th precinct captain. But it could not be as easy to do as the previous two. This promotion does not come with the usual caveat: she must also move to a different precinct. It would be Brooklyn Nine Nine’s way of shaking up things beyond Holt leaving. This is not surprising considering that the 99th Precinct already had the same people before Holt became its commander.

Holt, Amy. Terry, Charles and all others involved could feel the Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s final episode is the end. The future of Jake following Amy is unknown. It could be either way. In the end, they are still a married pair who return home together to raise their child. Jake understood that Amy would eventually be the youngest person promoted to Captain.

Hitchcock And Scully Retire

The possible retirement of Michael Hitchcock and Norm Scully (Dirk Blocker), could mark the end for the 99th Precinct in the lead-up Brooklyn Nine-Nine. For years, they have been mostly deemed as dead weight to the team; they’re usually given desk work — something that they’re supposed to be very good at, and chances are why Hitchcock and Scully haven’t been fired. As shown in season 6, they used to be effective detectives. But over the years, their edge has slowly diminished after discovering buffalo wings.

Despite the chaos in the precinct and personnel shifting, the ending of their NYPD stint fits in with the theme of an end to an era. Hitchcock, Scully, and their co-detectives are ineffective but they are still considered institutions by the office. They are often tolerated by their coworkers despite their bizarre antics. Brooklyn Nine-Nine may see them leave and Detective Daniels will be able to return. This would effectively address the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Daniels after the premiere.