Brock Lesnar’s name has become one of the most repeated among wrestling fans due to his free agent status. The former world champion was one of the rumored names to appear in the first WWE public shows, but finally his absence made it clear that there is still no agreement between the wrestler and the company.

In the last hours, several news portals have pointed out the possibility that Brock Lesnar has signed an exclusivity agreement outside of WWE . Although several fans immediately thought of All Elite Wrestling as an alternative to “The Beast,” it was Wrestling Observer journalist Andrew Zarian who denied that information. ” I can assure you this is not about AEW, ” Zarian told the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast.

The Beast could return to MMA

“Lesnar and AEW may have talked at some time in the past, but they never got to anything serious . Every time someone asks them about this they respond with laughter.” With America’s two biggest wrestling companies out of the game, this time rumors are starting to signal a return for “The Beast” to the world of mixed martial arts . Both the UFC and Bellator have entered the list of possible companies that would have achieved Lesnar exclusivity, but for the moment neither of them has expressed themselves in this regard.

Recall that Brock Lesnar’s last fight in this sport occurred during 2011, when the fighter was defeated by TKO against Allistair Overeem in the UFC 200 event. After this appearance, “The Beast” chose to leave Dana White’s organization then of testing positive in multiple anti-doping tests . Despite his brief appearance in 2018 to face Daniel Cormier, it was White himself who confirmed his retirement from MMAs several weeks later.