While we wait for Maria Bakalova to win the Oscar she deserves, ‘Borat 2’ is still current even though the American elections are (almost) a thing of the past. Rudy Guliani melts the dye and it is not precisely to remember his controversial scene. But beyond that commented sequence, one of the biggest surprises of ‘Borat 2’ was the cameo of Tom Hanks. The actor was the first major star to test positive for Coronavirus and thus appears in the film, as one of the reasons for the global expansion of the pandemic.

Jason Woliner, director of the film, has spoken with Collider to detail how this idea was conceived, which ended up changing the entire final meaning of the film

The scene took only 5-10 minutes to shoot and, although we already knew it, Woliner claims that Tom Hanks was “Super Cool.” ‘Borat 2’ is still available through Amazon Prime Video.