• Wrestling star Booker T appears on Puerto Rican rapper’s latest theme song

Booker T has always been a very beloved person in the world of professional wrestling. His last great success has been to appear in the video clip of the latest Bad Bunny song, titled with his own name: “Booker T”. You can see the video at the top of this news.

The 6-time world heavyweight champion appears for most of the video clip and even says his legendary ” Can You Dig It Sucka ” line. In just over 24 hours, the video has nearly 8 million views on YouTube, another success in the Puerto Rican rapper’s career and an opportunity to promote the figure of Booker T.

It is not the first time that Bad Bunny includes professional wrestlers in his musical themes. Previously, Ric Flair appeared in the music video for Chamber, while Eddie Guerrero was mentioned in the song ‘I Like It’. Another of Bad Bunny’s greatest hits on the Internet, the song ‘Who Are You?’, Featured the appearance of WWE legend ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

All these appearances of wrestlers in the Bad Bunny video clips are not a coincidence, and the rapper is a big fan of wrestling. Proof of this is the new inclusion of Booker T in one of his videos.

YouTube video