The end of the setbacks for Boeing? it’s been 22 months since its last aircraft, the Boeing 737 MAX, lost its authorization to fly after two successive crashes in 2018 and 2019, killing 346 people. in the week it might be cleared to fly in Europe again, the ECU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) said.

Before giving the green light, Patrick Ky, the director of the Agency, must pass this Monday before the Transport Committee of the ECU Parliament. Because concerns remain: an association of families of victims considers this re-circulation premature, untimely, and even dangerous and involves more transparency on this decision. Should we be afraid to climb into these devices? After lying, did Boeing really solve all the problems?

How Did The Certification Of The Aircraft Go?

It is that the most guarded aircraft of all time. there’s not an aircraft within the world that has been so investigated, summarizes Xavier Tytelman an aeronautics expert, who himself visited Seattle to know the modifications made to the MAX. The plane made hundreds and many stalls. The Europeans even visited check and do test flights in Canada, ”he explains.

We have reached the stage where our four prerequisites are fulfilled we’ve benefited from total transparency from the FAA [the American Aviation Safety Agency] and Boeing, said Patrick Ky during the week last. The association of relatives of victims Flight ET 302 Solidarity and justice however demands more transparency on the choice of the agency.

She says she wants to understand what founded the EASA decision which the demonstration be made that this new flight authorization presents with certainty all the security guarantees. A mistrust of the control authorities linked to the failings of the FAA, accused of getting subcontracted to Boeing the control of certain functions of the aircraft. As for China’s refusal to place the plane back to service, acknowledged by the association, Xavier Tytelman sees it as a diplomatic and economic war, quite a refusal justified by a possible danger.

What Improvements Has Boeing Made?

The American manufacturer has implemented changes to the control software called MCAS, which pilots on Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines flights have did not master.

During the 2 accidents, it had been after having received erroneous information from a search, indicating that the aircraft was during a stall, that the MCAS software had pitched the aircraft. If a search was defective, which was the case during the crash, the system would continue endlessly to offer weight to the pilot’s handle. Today, this technique is restricted to 2 pulses and can not have an impression on the trajectory of the aircraft, says Xavier Tillman.

A third digital probe must even be installed on planes from 2022. In the meantime, specific training for pilots to spot and manage contradictory information from the 2 probes is being put in situ.

Us and Europe also require airlines to perform a test flight without passengers on each aircraft before operating it to make sure that the changes are properly implemented. The president of the Flight ET302 association Virginie Fricaudet for her part deplored the return to flight of this aircraft which has undergone minimal modifications. We are subjected to silence by not informing us, especially once we are conscious of the dimension of the scandal, she said.

Will We Be Ready To Refuse, As Within Us, To Fly A 737 Max?

In us, American Airlines ensures that any customer purchasing an airplane ticket is going to be warned if he flies on a 737 MAX. the corporate is committed to offering alternatives to any passenger who doesn’t wish to fly the device. In Europe, this policy could even be implemented: “During the primary years some people will want to avoid this plane. it might seem legitimate to me that they need the selection. We could, for 2 to 3 years, accept a refund of the ticket, for instance, said Xavier Tillman. The 737 MAX, on the opposite hand, are intended to hold passengers and not freight, that they’re not suitable.

How Many Models Will They Circulate In Europe?

Since it entered service, 67 units of the device are delivered to European customers. a complete of 723 aircraft are ordered by fourteen European companies – none French of which 210 remain to be delivered to Ryanair, 92 to Norwegian Air Shuttle, and 63 to Turkish Airlines.