During the Monday Night RAW broadcasts through the USA Network, superstar Bobby Lashley managed to retain the United States Championship after defeating Riddle in combat.

With no prior announcement from WWE,

tonight’s episode featured a headline match between the Hurt Businessman and “The King of Bros.” The match was mostly for “The All-Mighty”, who despite having suffered some attacks managed to successfully connect his Full Nelson for victory. Riddle didn’t stick with this and challenged MVP to a match, only to be attacked by Lashley moments later.

In this way,

Bobby Lashley retains the WWE United States Championship. Recall that The All-Mighty accumulates a total of 134 days of reign since his victory in the pay-per-view Payback 2020. Lashley defeated former champion Apollo Crews on the day of August 30 of last year to lift this title for the second time in his career.

Riddle defeated Bobby Lashley last week on RAW

Seven days earlier at the red show, Riddle challenged Bobby Lashley in a match where the United States title was not at stake. The Hurt Business member looked dominant until he hit his Full Nelson, but the referee couldn’t see the BRO give up. Riddle took advantage of the distraction to apply a Roll-Up on Lashley and snatch the victory of the fight.