After another successful anime for Netflix, subscribers are already demanding to know if and when we can expect to see a second season of Blood of Zeus on Netflix.

Blood of Zeus is a Netflix Original Animated Series created by Charley and Vlas Parlapanides. The production studio behind the anime, Powerhouse Animation Studios, is also behind other successful originals such as Castlevania and Seis Manos.

Blood of Zeus Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Netflix Official Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 11/02/2020)

As of this writing, Blood of Zeus has only been available to stream on Netflix for just under a week. But, the Greek mythological anime has already had a big impact on Netflix.

Netflix can take an exceptional amount of time to announce the renewal of an original, especially an anime. So, we don’t expect to learn the future of Blood of Zeus for at least several weeks, and potentially several months. Fortunately, there are many early signs that suggest we might see a renewal sooner rather than later.

In less than a week, the anime made dozens of top ten lists across the world on Netflix. In particular, Blood of Zeus reached third place in the American top 10.

There is still a lot of time, but the only country where Blood of Zeus ranks number one is Nigeria.

What to expect from the second season of Blood of Zeus?

After an incredible Blood of Zeus finale, there was still a lot to think about in season two.

Seraphim kneels before Hades?

To avoid his horrific fate of living in the underworld, Hades gave the Seraphim the opportunity to serve him, but this forces the Seraphim to kneel down. Hades in a dangerous and ambitious god, and with Seraphim as a pawn, it only causes trouble for Heron and the other gods of Olympus.

Seraphim is arrogant and ambitious, and while he will have no choice but to serve Hades, he will certainly seek a way to twist his own destiny and remove himself from Hades’s grip.

Seraphim kneels before Hades

Who will rule the gods of Olympus?

In the decisive battle between the gods and the giants, Zeus sacrificed himself to save Hera from the wrath of the giants. Now, with Zeus gone, the gods of Olympus are without a rule.

In his battle with Seraphim, Heron used the same powers as Zeus to defeat his brother. With his ascent to Mount Olympus, and with Zeus’ power to command, we might see the other gods look to Heron to become their new leader.

The fate of Hera

After the dust settles in the battle between gods and giants, the goddess Hera has yet to be seen. Zeus’ decision to sacrifice herself for Hera may persuade her to return to Mount Olympus, but we can’t expect to see many, if any, gods welcoming her with open arms.

Hera has also shown how jealous she can be, and while she can forgive Zeus for his actions, she may find it difficult to watch Heron, her bastard son, climb the ranks on Mount Olympus. So while she might not be the main antagonist in the second season, Hera could certainly cause a lot of trouble for Heron.

What is the Netflix release date for Blood of Zeus season 2?

Animation projects take a long time to produce and Blood of Zeus is no exception. We first heard about the show’s announcement in March 2019, and it took an additional seventeen months before we saw the anime hit Netflix.

It’s unclear how long that would take for a second season as we don’t know if it would have the same number of episodes. Unless work has already started on the second season of Blood of Zeus, we might not see the series return to Netflix until at least 2022.