Black Summer Season 3

Black Summer season 2 is one of the top Netflix shows for June 2021. Everybody wants to know the Black Summer season 2 release date after Netflix’s hit original series about zombies was binged-viewed by millions.

Netflix has not yet renewed Black Summer’s third season. It’s not an issue so soon after season 2, which was released on June 17, 2021.

Even though Black Summer season three has not yet been ordered, there are good chances that the season is in the planning stages as Netlfix waits until they analyze and gather the numbers for the second season.

We have shared all we know about the Black Summer Season 3 release date and cast. You can also see the trailer and synopsis below.

Release Date

Netflix has not yet announced the Black Summer Season 3 release date. Fans are advised to look for something else to watch, as it will likely take quite a while.

Netflix took about six months before renewing Black Summer Season 2 after its April 2019 premiere. The pandemic interrupted everything.

It was over two years since the premiere of the series. This means that we may be facing another long season between Black Summer.

Black Summer Season 3

It won’t be two years, but we don’t think so. We could be forced to wait for Black Summer 3 for 18 months, but it will not take longer if all goes well.

If all goes as planned, Black Summer season 2 could happen between the summer of 2022 and fall.

We will share the release date of the new season as soon as Netflix announces it.


We don’t yet know the Black Summer season three cast. Netflix will announce the season three cast once we get closer to the release date.

We can expect some of the Black Summer season 2 cast to be back, including Jaime King (Cheryl Lee), Bobby Naderi (Bobby Naderi), and Jesse Lipscombe.

When we get the information, we will share the Black Summer season 3 cast.


Netflix has not released the Black Summer season 3 trailer. There are no trailer as the season hasn’t been filmed yet.