Black Summer is a Netflix original spinoff prequel to Syfy’s Z Nation. The show hasn’t had a new episode since 2019, and fans have been eagerly awaiting news of the released date. The wait is over. Black Summer season 2 is coming in June 2021.

Karl Schaefer and John Hyams co-created Black Summer. Additionally they co-executive create and are equally showrunners for the zombie thriller with a darker tone than the flagship series.

Black Summer Season 2 Release Date

The Walking deceased motivated show, Black Summer Season two, is about a woman who faces separation from her daughter as a victim of a zombie apocalypse. Netflix, on the fans’ requirements, has decided to renew the next season of this series.

The series was officially renewed for a sophomore at 2019. However, the release is speculated around the summer of 2021, without a confirmation date obtained so far.

Black Summer season 2 cast

Jaime King will return as the lead character, Rose. Spears (Justin Chu Cary), Lance (Kelsey Flower) and Sun (Christine Lee) may also return. Just like any set set in an apocalypse, the Cast can often change as a result of zombie attacks, and this series is the same. But rest assured, there’ll be new cast members in this second season.

Black Summer Season 2 Plot

The first season ended with Rose accomplishing her mission to reconcile with her own daughter. Thus one story reaches closing here. The group of survivors of which Rose was a part, is left with only 3 members.

Together with Rose being able to cope up and acquire the separation from her daughter, another two prioritize their security as the assignment. But do you think that’s the ending? This is the reason the sophomore of Black Summer is highly in demand.

Black Summer Season 2 Trailer

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