Very soon it will be three months since the unfortunate death of Chadwick Boseman, the star of Marvel Studios who for some years played the impressive Black Panther. When the fatal news was known, many wondered what would happen to the character now that the actor is no longer there to play him, the first thoughts were inclined towards digital recreation and it is likely that Disney will take such a path, it has already done so in the past with other deceased stars. The journalist and influencer Grace Randolp h presents new details about what we could see in Black Panther 2, one of the most expected films of the MCU.

Chadwick Boseman passed away on August 28 from destructive colon cancer. The actor struggled for years with his condition but ultimately lost the battle, leaving an incredible void between his fans. His performance as T’Challa or Black Panther earned him worldwide recognition and a very special place in the saga created by Marvel Studios. The second part had already been announced, but nobody expected the actor to pass away from one day to the next; He never told the media about his illness, not even his work colleagues, everything developed in the deepest of secrets. Much has been said about Boseman’s digital recreation , even Marvel denied such leanings this week, however Grace Randolph appears online with different information.

On November 5, Grace reported the following:

So here’s some big news on the MCU and Marvel. Heard they are doing a Chadwick Boseman digital double that looks very real. The current plan is for T´Challa to die in battle at the beginning of the movie and Shuri becomes the new Black Panther. Also, there is a version of the script where T’Challa and Shuri’s mother is murdered long ago by Atlanteans. Thus raising the stakes regarding the confrontation with Namor. We’ll see if they stick with that.

Also to clarify the Black Panther thing, people assumed my tweet meant full scenes with a digital Boseman like Grand Moff Tarkin from Rogue One. I think that’s what [Victoria] Alonso [vice president of Marvel Studios] was referring to. I specifically said a battle scene and at least one shot without a mask. We will see in 2 years.

T’Challa needs to wrap up his story at Marvel Studios like the greats. His efforts on the Avengers team have been remarkable and he deserves all the honors, we’re sure the company is planning something truly exceptional for the send-off. Who will be the next Black Panther? Internet voices and rumors pointed to Shuri, the protagonists’ younger sister, so we will soon find out if Marvel dares to make such a creative decision; without a doubt it would be a great turn for the superheroines of the saga.

According to IMDB, Black Panther 2 will hit theaters on May 6, 2022, however, it is necessary to wait extra time in case Marvel Studios makes the decision to delay it due to adjustments in the script. Phase 4 of the MCU is about to begin and with it new adventures await us in the company of the characters we have followed for years; the stage will reveal exciting surprises, including the development of the multiverse, a resource that has been long awaited. The first movie is Black Widow , hitting theaters on May 7, 2021; shortly before we will have the premiere of WandaVision on January 15 on the Disney Plus platform.