Black Panther 2

The interaction between Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) along with the Dora Milaje in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier May hint the White Wolf has a future in Black Panther 2. Ayo (Florence Kasumba) and Wakanda’s elite royal shield appeared in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier to catch Baron Helmut Zemo (Daniel Bruhl), that killed King T’Chaka (John Kani) at Captain America: Civil War.

Of all of the Avengers, Bucky gets the longest and most complex relationship with Wakanda. From the words of Shuri (Letitia Wright), Barnes was a “broken white boy for us to fix”; Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) chose Bucky into Wakanda so that Shuri could use her super-science to purge him of Hydra’s brainwashing. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier revealed that it was Ayo who tested whether Bucky’s deprogramming was successful. Afterwards, Bucky was permitted to reside peacefully in Wakanda, and he had been dubbed the White Wolf. On the other hand, the serene Barnes experienced would not survive and he was called back to action together with the Avengers to battle the kids of Thanos (Josh Brolin) in Avengers: Infinity War. King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) gifted Bucky a fresh Vibranium arm too.

Bucky ended up destroying much of his goodwill with Wakanda at The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Barnes helped Zemo – who is one of Wakanda’s federal enemies – break out of prison in Germany and awakened with him in Madripoor. When the Dora Milaje caught up with Bucky, Zemo, and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) in Latvia, Ayo nevertheless gave Bucky eight hours to conclude his business with Zemo out of respect for the White Wolf. Instead, Bucky sided with Captain America John Walker (Wyatt Russell) and fought the Dora Milaje, which allowed Zemo to escape through the melee. To end the battle, Ayo used a failsafe that split Bucky’s Vibranium arm out of his entire body. Though Bucky later allowed the Dora Milaje to shoot Zemo into custody in Sokovia, Ayo still warned him that”It would be prudent to make yourself scarce in Wakanda for the time being, White Wolf.”

Black Panther 2

Meanwhile, Dora Milaje’s presence in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier additionally serves as a roadmap for how Black Panther 2 could work without T’Challa as the movie’s focus, given the horrible death of Chadwick Boseman. Marvel Studios is not recasting T’Challa and will reportedly make Black Panther 2 concerning the other heroes in Wakanda. But this might also mean recruiting a few big-name MCU guest celebrities and Bucky Barnes would be on top of the list given his background with the African nation. The events of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier create a fascinating plot thread between Bucky and Wakanda for Black Panther Two to follow up.

The Manner The Falcon and The Winter Soldier performed, the Dora Milaje took their battle with Bucky over Zemo as a betrayal of the White Wolf’s friendship with Wakanda. Further, Ayo was insulted awarded the grace period she offered Bucky and their shared past when he was still recovering in Wakanda. Though Bucky did finally yield authority to the Dora Milaje and gave them Zemo instead of killing the Sokovian Baron himself, Wakanda nevertheless has ample cause to not trust the White Wolf despite Ayo still showing Bucky respect.

For his part, however, Bucky was also hurt by the fact that his cybernetic arm has a failsafe he wasn’t aware of so he’s a brand new grievance with Wakanda too. Thus far, there’s been no statement as to what Bucky Barnes’ future will involve following The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ends but a guest appearance in Black Panther two is a natural next step to resolve their unfinished business. Bucky might have the ability to find a path forward atoning for his sins because the Winter Soldier however he now has to make amends with Wakanda as well, and vice versa.