Black Mirror Season 6

Black Mirror season 5 premiered on Netflix 745 days ago. It has been 106 weeks and 17,880 hours since then. But who cares?

Netflix Original Series has been cancelled. Since its final episode, “Rachel, Jack, Ashley Too” featuring Miley Cyrus, has been M.I.A.

It can’t be because of the amazing ratings the series received in its first season. The series scored an audience score of 81% and a score from critics of 84% on Tomatoes. It can’t be because the series is one of the best-performing original shows on Netflix. It can’t happen because millions of people check their social media daily looking for news.

Black Mirror Season 6

We don’t know much about Black Mirror season 6, but we know this: season 6 won’t be available on Netflix in July 2021.

Release Date

We have passionately stated that there aren’t much information yet about the sixth season, including a release date. It is difficult to predict when the sixth season will premiere as each of the five previous seasons premiered at different times every season.

The show may be making a meta-statement by making viewers wait so long and calling attention to society’s inability to wait patiently for new episodes to hit their black screens. How cool would that be? We’ll let you know if and when a release date has been announced.

We are still waiting for good news. Be sure to watch every episode of Netflix Original Series to see some of the most memorable episodes, like “White Bear”, “Nosedive” or “Black Museum”.