Black Cover is one of the most beloved anime series, having aired since 2017. There have been up to 170 episodes throughout the series’ four-season history. All episodes are adapted to the Manga series.

Black Cover Anime Series

The series centers on Asta, a little boy who is born into magic. However, he cannot do magic. We also learn more about his past and the secret power within him as the series goes on.

Black Clover is now slowing down because of its quick start. Since then, the pandemic has gotten worse. Many anime studios have been hit by pandemics. The fans have been wondering when they will see the fifth season of Black Clover.

Black Cover Season 5: Released Date

However, we received some disappointing news from Black Clover fans. There is no date yet for the fifth season. It is difficult to justify making a new series with the cliffhanger situation of its fourth season, and fan anticipation. At the moment, however, it is not clear when.

Pierrot, the studio behind Black Clovers, has revealed that they will soon release a movie based upon the series. This is also not yet confirmed, but it may debut in the year 2022. This being said, the return of the series will occur after the previously mentioned film.

Black Clover Season 5: Renewal Status

The first airing of the show was in 2017. It quickly became a favorite among anime fans. The fourth season was broadcast in December 2020. It aired for 16 episodes. A Black Clover movie was also revealed in March. Fans are now more excited.

Even though this means that the next season may not be released until a later date, it’s no reason to lose heart. It is likely that a fifth episode will be produced, given the large fan following and the awards as best anime show of 2010 among other things.

Black Clover Season 5: Possible Plotlines

The fifth season will be continued depending on what the movie offers. It could pick up from the fourth or even be a rerun of the previous season. Asta’s mother was revealed in season 4, which may require further explanation. Another potential cliffhanger could be that the heroes’ comrades are captured and held against the will of their will in the middle of a war with the Spade Kingdom.

There are still unresolved issues between the devils of the people and could spell doom for one side. They still have not achieved their dream of becoming Wizard King, which would be an excellent way to wrap up the next season. Because there’s a lot to read on the pages, the next season may be similar to the manga.

Black Clover Season 5: Cast

Asta, Yuno. Julius Novachrono. Marx Francois. Lumiere. Silvamillion Clover. Owen is all expected to return for the next season. Apart from the characters seen on screen, the voice acting, which has been consistent, at least for Yuno and Asta by GakutoKajiwara as well as Nobunaga Shimazaki, is expected to continue for another season.

This is a show you should watch if your goal is to keep you entertained.