• WWE star Drew McIntyre and Sheamus have a 20-year friendship.
  • The two first fought in promotion in Ireland.

In this week’s RAW match, The Miz and John Morrison match up against WWE champions Drew McIntyre and Sheamus. Miz’s attempts to provoke Sheamus to hit Drew in this match did not work. In the end, AJ Styles hits Drew McIntyre with a phenomenal forearm that leads to Sheamus and Drew due to match disqualification.

After winning the match, Sheamus appeared on the Raw talk show as the chief guest. In this show, he spoke about the start of his friendship with his partner Drew McIntyre.

They said,

“Know how my friendship with Drew got so deep, because we have been together since my early career. His mother was very dear to me and his father was very close to me. Drew’s entire family is honest. He is my whole Are very close to the family.

Drew McIntyre met in Ireland

It’s been over 20 years, maybe. We met when I was working for Irish Whip Wrestling in Dublin. While there I met up with Drew during a cross-promotion match, we fought a match which was quite good. Happened. After that Drew came to my house and we parted the next day. Everyone knows what happened next

When Sheamus was asked to sign in WWE with Drew McIntyre after so many years, he said that it was always his goal to make it to the WWE.

“It was a dream. We achieved it because we had a passion, we both wanted to be in WWE. That’s what we all wanted, that was our goal. We both recorded our matches and looked back at them. We just got ourselves And we were very honest with each other. From there we went to the UK, we did a tryout in 06-07, and signed a development contract. We were very motivated, very focused and WWE was where we wanted to come.

Drew McIntyre is set to defend the WWE Championship against AJ Styles at the TLC PPV later this month. The Miz and Morrison will accompany AJ Styles during the match which can be challenging for Drew McIntyre.