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The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be the competition’s 22nd edition and it’s expected to be like no other. All eyes will be on Qatar this winter when 31 of the greatest teams in the world, along with the host nation, Qatar, compete to become the next world champion.

Given that the tournament is set to take place from November 21 to December 18, many individuals will probably decide to monetize their viewing experience by placing bets on this major sporting event.

Do you count among them? That is wonderful. Stay focused and confidently place your wager with the help of this excellent resource for the latest world cup betting news.

Betting Odds for the FIFA World Cup

With many more choices to come, several bookmakers currently offer odds on the 2022 FIFA World Cup’s overall winner. Looking ahead to the competition, we know that you will need at least one online betting account to start making bets on the world’s biggest soccer championship.

You can start betting on the 2022 World Cup after you’ve opened an online betting account. Once the tournament begins, there will be options to wager on specific matches; different group stage winners/runners-up; and the market for the player with the most goals, the Golden Boot winner.

Best Ways to Bet on FIFA World Cup

Here are some of the best betting options for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Picking an Established Favorite

A savvy bettor can make money during the World Cup 2022 by paying attention to matches that pit one of the established favorites against a less-talented country.

While predicting the winner of such a matchup will be simple, it won’t be cheap, but those who dig a bit deeper can still discover good value.

The Over/Under Goals Market

Although picking the right result is extremely challenging, the Over/Under Goals market is an excellent choice.

The World Cup may prove to be slightly simpler to anticipate for an Over/Under wager than one of the main domestic leagues due to the difference in standards, should bettors be able to see occasions when there will be wide score disparities.


With that in mind, the Corners Market is another option to consider, as it’s always worthwhile to look at the odds there when there is an extreme favorite for a certain matchup.

In the FIFA World Cup, there is a greater likelihood of more corners if one of the stronger teams is due to meet one of the weakest teams, more so in group stages.

Top Scorer

If it is obvious that a player’s chances of scoring the most goals at the FIFA World Cup depend on their respective team progressing further in the competition, then a good place to start when selecting a Golden Boot winner is by looking at the strikers of the team or teams you anticipate will go far.

Of course, you’ll need to know which strikers are most likely to represent the top teams and examine how they got to the championship game or at least its later stages. Once you have this knowledge, selecting a prospective Golden Boot winner becomes a lot simpler, and you will have a better notion of who to support.

Double Chance Betting

You can combine two Moneyline results into one wager by using the double chance option. This is a safer choice to bet on than merely picking the winner on the Moneyline if you believe an underdog in the FIFA World Cup 2022 will pull off a shocking outcome against a strong favorite.

In-Game Wagering for the 2022 World Cup

Many soccer fans have discovered that holding out on placing their bets until the game has started provides them some advantage. Before choosing how to bet on the FIFA World Cup 2022, doing so will enable you to assess the style of play and whether one team is controlling the game.

Every bookmaker will provide World Cup in-game betting, and many of the markets are the same as those available before kickoff, but with slightly different odds. The 1 x 2 market will be accessible until one team scores a few goals more than the other.

However, once the game starts, you can also anticipate markets like Next Team to Score, Over/Under Cards, Over/Under Goals, and Next Player to Score opening up.

Parlays Market

In the group stages, parlays can be beneficial. In all likelihood, winning a parlay is profitable. Although the World Cup is intended to match the 32 greatest teams against one another, we are aware that there is still a significant quality gap between the favorites and the underdogs.

Take a look at some of the group stage matchups we’re receiving. England-Iran? Saudi Arabia and Argentina? Brazil-Serbia? Even though strange things frequently occur at the World Cup, these games appear to be very one-sided on paper.

During the group stage, a great chance to pick on some of the best teams in the competition. Before things become more complicated in the knockout stages, you may connect wagers involving these overwhelming favorites together into a parlay.

Game by Game Bets

Futures wagers may be profitable, but picking a country with advanced talent entails a lot of risks. For starters, most of these national teams don’t play against one another frequently.

They’ll spend a lot of time practicing before the tournament, but unless we see a team in action during a real game, it’s impossible to predict how they’ll work together.

Putting all of our money on a future bet is hazardous, even though a team like Belgium appears to be a good bet at the moment. Although Belgium was a strong favorite to win the World Cup in Russia, we all know how that turned out. France completely dominated Belgium in the semifinals.

If you must wager, sticking to game-by-game wagers or in-game props seems preferable to futures.


As 32 teams get ready to compete in Qatar in the winter, bookmakers and punters are getting ready to profit from the event. Therefore, we hope the best ways to bet that we have suggested will help you to make informed decisions and better bets in the long run.