There are very few feelings in life that are more frustrating than losing a ranked game because of poor teammates that are inviting. We often find ourselves unable to carry and impact the game despite performing very well and dominating our opponent.

However, consistently playing duo queue can highly improve your chances of winning with a skilled teammate by your side who can carry games with you. If you’re someone who is actively struggling to find a duo to play ranked with, you’re in luck, as there are several websites designed to help you find the perfect duo teammate.

#1 – The Absolute Best Duo Finder


  • Advanced algorithm that matches players
  • Playstyle personalization
  • Clean player profile with a custom rating
  • Wide region support
  • Verification process that stops trolls
  • Unique Discord bot


  • Currently only available in the English language

It’s safe to say that is the best website to help you find your perfect duo partner to queue up with. One of the aspects that makes Duoo an amazing choice is the fact that you can describe yourself and your playstyle in great detail, which allows you to connect easily with other like-minded players.

Their search engine is a very powerful tool that allows you to analyze players’ profiles that contain key information such as rank, favorite champions, and match reviews. If you need any further help with matching, their Discord server has a bot uniquely designed to help you in your search.

The staff at recognized the threat of trolls on these types of websites which is why they’ve designed an algorithm that makes you verify the ownership of your League account before registering on site.

Furthermore, they’ve introduced a custom rating system that can help you determine the overall quality of a player before connecting.

The only issue that the site currently has is the fact that it’s only available in English, despite supporting every LoL region.

#2 Duo.OP.GG


  • Active community
  • Server availability


  • Trolls and spammers
  • Very limited!

If you’re someone who frequently uses OP.GG to check your in-game stats, you may be surprised to find out that the website has an in-built duo finder. Recently, the website’s LFT finder gained popularity in the community due to its thorough search algorithm that allows you to analyze a player in great detail before actually playing a game.

OP.GG’s duo finder is a good place to find competitively successful players as the website has a system that rewards players with unique achievements and badges (MVP, ACE, Win streaks). Another positive aspect lies in the fact that the finder works on every active League server, which is particularly useful if you’re looking for a duo teammate on a small server.

Despite all of these positive aspects, Duo.OP.GG suffers from a large issue that plagues their community which is the trolls. Unfortunately, there is a high chance that your duo will try to intentionally troll you, which is a pretty large downside of the service.

#3 SenpAI


  • Language options
  • Player filter options
  • Player profile with history and matches


  • Outmatched by its competitors
  • Poorly designed search engine
  • Slowly becoming inactive

In recent years, SenpAI grew to be one of the most popular LFT/LF Duo websites where hundreds of gamers met new friends on a daily basis.

The algorithm makes it very easy to find the right person to start duo queuing with, as the player filters are very detailed and allow you to create a fully personalized experience. In addition, you can find the match history and win rate of a player, which is more representative than a bio or a description.

On the contrary, while it’s very easy to narrow down the players by using the website’s filter, the search engine’s visuals are poorly designed, making the finder navigation occasionally confusing.

On top of that, the website is slowly being abandoned by players in favor of its superior competitors that are attracting more traffic which makes duo browsing occasionally awkward.

#4 Teamfind


  • You’re able to find personal coaching and team coaching
  • Esports platform


  • Outdated design
  • Relatively inactive
  • Website bugs

If it weren’t for a few hiccups, Teamfind would be arguably one of the best duo finders due to its robust search engine optimizer that allows you to find the right person to play with.

Being a primarily esports-orientated platform, you can find plenty of players who want to kickstart their esports career by joining a grassroots tournament or a local league. Additionally, you can also find a large number of high elo coaches on the website, offering their services to individual players and esports teams.

Sadly, Teamfind suffers from a few issues, most notably the outdated design that leaves a lot to be desired in terms of user interface and website navigation. While browsing the website, you’ll often run into bugs such as images or text not properly rendering which makes the website confusing at times.

Last but not least, Teamfinder’s community is simply not that active which means you’ll find fewer players looking to queue up, meaning it will be harder to find your perfect match.

#5 SeekTeam


  • Ability to contact high elo coaches
  • Esports orientated, focus on joining a pro team
  • Search engine filters players by elo and skill


  • Not beginner friendly
  • Loses value if you’re not interested in esports

Depending on your overall interest in Esports, SeekTeam can be very useful or not appealing at all. The entire platform is mainly built to connect players with small esports teams which are trying to push for competitive success.

SeekTeam also offers you an option of connecting with coaches who coach individuals and teams. Furthermore, SeekTeams’ search engine is a pleasure to use as it allows you to filter players in great detail based on their current rank and skill.

That being said, if you’re someone who’s only interested in casual duo queue instead of competitive play, SeekTeam is not a very useful platform. The entire website is focused on pro play, which can easily dissuade you from registering if you’re someone who’s not interested in competitive League of Legends.

Overall, while the website does have some neat features in regards to teams recruiting players, if you’re a player who doesn’t plan on playing League competitively, it’s best to look for duo partners elsewhere.

#6 Teamtavern


  • Detailed player profile
  • In-built team finder
  • Esports orientated


  • Poorly designed
  • Severe lack of filters
  • Few people involved

Teamtavern is one of those websites that you wish had more traffic since it has the potential to be a great place to find duo players with. Currently, the main issue that the website faces is the lack of new people joining, as only one or two players register a day.

Teamtavern offers the user the option to sign up as a player looking for a team or a team/esports organization that recruits players. This option can be particularly useful if you’re seeking like-minded individuals to play competitive tournaments with.

On the other hand, while the team registration option is a very neat tool, there are very few teams and players involved in the entire process, making it difficult to find what the site is designed for. In addition, another factor that makes finding players almost impossible is the severe lack of filters that allow you to narrow down your search.

#7 Challengermode finder


  • Trackable history
  • Language filter
  • Detailed profile page


  • Difficult to find duo partners
  • Limited search options

While it may not be the primary purpose of the website, Challengermode boasts a decent finder that allows you to find people to play ranked with. You can browse the users on the platform based on their role, min/max rank, age, country, and the language they speak.

Once you log into the site you’re able to link your account, which makes it so your public solo queue rank is shared with other users. When you find the user that fits your need, you can visit their profile to see their history on the website and bio.

Sadly, the vast majority of the players on the website are mainly focused on participating in Challengermode tournaments rather than duo queue, making it difficult to find a teammate. In addition, the offered filters and profile options make the browsing process feel very lackluster and tedious, as there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the search algorithm.

#8 Reddit


  • Variety of subreddits and options
  • Widely used platform
  • Very active


  • Very limited browsing options
  • Sometimes toxic

It should come as no surprise that one of the largest social media platforms for gamers hosts plenty of LFT, LF duo subreddits. Over the years, the League community on Reddit consistently grew and the subreddit now has 6 million active users with thousands of daily posts.

Not all of them are related to finding a perfect duo or a team, but you will run into a lot of random posts from players looking to queue up with someone. However, apart from the main subreddit, there are LFT or LF duo subreddits whose main purpose is to connect players to duo with each other.

Reddit does suffer from certain flaws that make it a subpar choice for looking for duo partners, primarily the fact that you can’t search for specific teammates. You can browse among dozens of posts that describe the player and still not find the right pick, as you can’t narrow down your choice.

What’s more, much like every other social media platform, Reddit suffers from a large number of trolls and toxic players who will intentionally try to ruin your experience, which ruins its potential in the end.



  • Focused on connecting ranked duos
  • Decent user filters


  • Few active users
  • Not phone optimized
  • Outdated design making it difficult to browse

It’s a pretty big shame that the outdated design of the LFG website cripples its potential as a quality duo finder. While there are some decent filter options that allow you to find the perfect duo teammate, the website’s layout makes navigating the website a complete nightmare.

The website’s lackluster design also comes paired with very poor phone optimization, making the website almost useless when opened on a phone. It’s also worth mentioning that the website isn’t very active and that there are only a handful of users that register every month.

However, LFG does have some redeeming qualities as their solid filters make finding a perfect duo partner a very easy option if you find someone active on the website. The search engine provides you with enough useful information to match with someone, such as the player’s favorite champion and a short bio.



  • Focus on meeting someone based on their gender
  • Random algorithm


  • Very few features
  • No filters
  • Not for serious ranked players attempts to provide the user with an experience that you don’t usually see on other duo websites, as it primarily serves to help you meet someone of a specific gender you prefer. After you register, you choose your gender, bio, and photo, which are public, and they’re how you filter other users as well.

You can interact with other users by meeting them using a very Tinder-like algorithm which is fun to use as it randomly matches you with the gender of your choosing.

While this allows you to potentially meet someone who you’re interested in apart from only League, the site suffers from its limited features, which make it look like a dating website instead of a duo finder.

Given that you cannot search or browse a user based on their rank or preferred role makes it difficult to find what you’re actually looking for. For this reason, this website is not a place where you can meet a player you can seriously climb the ladder with.