Senator Bernie Sanders is politically situated on the left of yank politics. But his outfit at the inauguration as president of Democrat Joe Biden has placed him this Thursday within the center of social networks. Without getting up from his chair, Sanders has inspired many memes within a previous couple of hours. The contest of wit was sparked by the image captured by AFP agency photographer Brendan Smialowski. In it, Sanders appears seated, expecting the institutional act to start, together with his legs and arms crossed, and a few curious wool gloves. An outfit that attracted attention among the suits and ties worn by most of the tiny group of guests who were ready to attend the ceremony in Washington.

Large patterned gloves have their history. they need been knitted by Jen Ellis, an educator from Sanders State, Vermont. As he has told, he made them by recycling an old sweater to which he later added a lining, materials that might be following Sanders’ environmental principles. The curious thing is that the manufacturer of the star garment of the investiture doesn’t know the politician personally.

The contact was the daughter of the teacher, Helen, who visited a children’s center owned by a relative of the politician. And when his family gave a present to those that worked there a couple of years ago, they sent these gloves for the senator also. it’s been an honor to require them, said Ellis when checking the virality of his gift.

If Sanders found them comfortable and warm, social media users were fascinated. The image of the seated senator quickly multiplied by movies, comics, and tv series. And if it’s true that Sanders didn’t contest the White House with Donald Trump, Internet users reserved a front-row seat for him at the farewell to the Republican candidate and the arrival of Biden to the White House. Sanders has been seated, always wearing a mask, at the Yalta Conference, on the Moon, and virtually anywhere within the past, in any corner of the Universe.