Barbarians Season 2

Barbarians Season 2 Updates: You devoured the (short) season 1 of Barbarians on Netflix and you now hope to get a sequel? The creators of the series have expressed themselves on the likelihood of returning with Barbarians Season 2.

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Attention spoilers!

After Dark, a replacement German series has just appeared on Netflix: Barbarians. On the program here? No time travel, but a true step back since the story takes us to the year 9 after Jesus, within the heart of the Battle of Teutoburg which saw the Romans and therefore the Germans engage during a violent fight and murderer.

Barbarians Season 2: A set that combines fact and fantasy

A new historical series, therefore, didn’t prevent the creative team from integrating many elements of fiction. Asked by BusinessInsider about the part between the important and therefore the fictional during this story, Arne Nolting (co-creator) said, Our approach was: let’s stay as authentic as possible and fill within the gaps with exciting stories and emotion.

Barbarians Season 2

In this regard, Nolting took as an example the connection between Arminius and Varus that we will follow on the screen, “No one knows what their story was like. So we made the selection to elevate this relationship to bring it to something stronger. Comments shared by Andreas Heckmann (co-creator), who for his part added, “Barbarians isn’t a documentary, but a fiction. Our goal is to entertain and this through an authentic setting. to place it simply, Barbarians is that the image of what Vikings can regularly do together with his characters, which isn’t to displease us.

Season 2: A possible sequel

How to understand that the series, despite this historical framework, has the potential to last a couple of years on the platform? Absolutely. If the duo isn’t yet looking to the longer term, We are for the instant very happy to ascertain that the series is as popular as we might hope, it doesn’t refrain from offering a sequel to Barbarians, What will happen next? we’ll need to wait. But there’s enough material for Barbarians Season 2.

It remains to be hoped that Netflix, which has taken the annoying habit of canceling its series early in recent weeks, is going to be of an equivalent opinion …