Baki Son of Ogre, Season 4, has revealed its premiere date and released a trailer.

Fans can now see the new trailer and poster for Baki Son of Ogre. Some futures seem almost impossible to believe.

Baki’s next chapter will see him face off against characters like Mike Tyson (boxing legend) and a giant praying Mantis. Yujiro’s son will surely have many epic battles in the anime as his journey towards defeating evil. Your father.

It was a great anime experience, with some of the most horrific fights ever seen. Season 4 will be even better. Baki Season 4, however, is being viewed with great anticipation by fans.

What Was Baki Season 3 About?

Season 3 Baki: The Grappler aired on Netflix. The series featured Baki: The Grappler as the hero in the bizarre battle series teaming with his father to defeat different fighters at a tournament that pitted fighters originating from Japan against their counterparts from China.

Baki, upon the completion of the arc, found himself vowing again to defeat Yujiro, his Ogre father, and assume the title of the strongest man of all time.

When Is Baki Son Of Ogre Coming Out?

Season 4 Son of Ogre will debut sometime in 2021. While it is not clear when the anime will premiere, Netflix confirmed that it will.

TMS Entertainment has shared the new trailer for Baki-Son of Ogre. The trailer showed Yujiro’s children attempting to defeat their father while fighting giant insects and returning prisoners in the animated series.