During the Monday Night RAW broadcasts through USA Network, the multiplatinum singer Bad Bunny once again accompanied Damian Priest in his victory against Angel Garza.

After receiving a warning from Edge The Miz and John Morrison accompanied Angel Garza in his heads up against Damian Priest. Again Bad Bunny occupied a ringside position in favor of his compatriot from Puerto Rico. After several minutes of combat, the singer stole the Money in the Bank briefcase again and threw it at Morrison in the center of the ring. This resulted in the disqualification of The Awesome and his partner and allowed Priest to connect his Reckoning for victory.

Bad Bunny Will Continue To Appear On Monday Night Raw

The Latin rapper and singer Bad Bunny has been a topic of conversation for fans since he participated in WWE Royal Rumble 2021. Away from his musical performance, the artist chose to provide a moment within the royal battle by jumping from the third rope towards the superstars The Miz and John Morrison. The artist was invited to Miz TV the next day and returned to starve the two superstars before joining Damian Priest on his debut against The Miz.

The most recent rumors point to Bad Bunny training at the WWE Performance Center ahead of a debut between the ropes. Holding these reports WWE President Nick Khan confirmed that the singer will continue to appear in front of the cameras and we could even see Cardi B on the company’s programming in the future.