Baby Shark's big show season 1

Baby shark’s big show season 1 is one of the fantastic Korean American series. This show was based on the genre of animation series and preschool series which was created by Pinkfong.

Baby Shark's big show season 1

There were five executive producers in this series:

Gary Doodles, Tommy Sica, Kim Min Seok, Lee Ryan Seung Kyu, and Ben Jeong. These executive producers will be in this web TV series.

This series was produced by three production companies:

Pinkfong, Smart study Korea and Nickelodeon animation studio. 

This series was presented by two original networks:

EBS 1 and Nickelodeon.  

This anime series is specially made for children and the audio format is set around 5.1 surround sound.

Baby shark’s big show season 1; cast

There were so many voice characters in this series and the voice characters showed their entire talent in this series and are Baby shark is voiced by Kim sea Yeong, William is voiced by yeo min Jeong, mommy shark is voiced by moon Nam sook, daddy shark is voiced by Jeong Jae heon, grandma shark is voiced by Kim Eun ah, grandpa shark is voiced by lee won chan. 

Baby Shark's big show season 1

These characters dubbed their role in Korean.

There were some English dubbed characters in this series and they are Kimiko Glenn, Luke Youngblood, Natasha Rothwell, eric Edelstein, Debra Wilson Skelton, Patrick Warburton. These characters had dubbed their voice in an extraordinary manner.

Let us watch the anime characters on the On-screen.

Baby shark’s big show season 1; Release date

There was only one episode in this series and this special episode runs up to 22 minutes.  This show has the picture format HDTV 1080i. At first, this series was released on December 11, 2020. The production team had decided to reveal this series in the united states of America and it was set to be released on December 25, 2020.

This series will reveal the English version.  The special episode was titled “All I want for fishes”. This episode was more interesting to watch and so there was a lot of fan base.

Stay tuned for more information about this web TV series.