avatar 2

Avatar, it is an world famous visual wonder created by James Cameron in 2009 as the movie released with high expectations and with the budget of 237 million dollars, in count of number the budget might seems to look lot more but when one compare this with the collection made by this movie the budget is just a peanuts , yes Avatar was biggest and most successful movie in the history, it broke the record of Titanic by collecting 2.79 billion dollars. This record was not broken for over a decade until Avengers End game release.

Even after Will Avatar 2 come ?

Avatar even after becoming most successful movie of all time its sequel haven’t come for decades, but from past year many news are coming out about the squeals of the movie. Even though avatar team haven’t officially confirmed anything about this ,but several news have already came from team about the squeals, also it is believed not just the second part from this series will come soon but this will continue with other parts also continuously

What will be date of release of Avatar 2

Avatar released in 2009, since then no squeal came for this movie finally now after a decade news are coming out about Avatar squeals, accordingly 2nd part should have released in mid of 2021, but due to this pandemic there are many less changes for the release of the movie in 2021 but this might get postponed . Mostly we can see Avatar 2 on screen in 2022 only , once 2nd part come them we can see successive parts ever year , probably we might get see 5 parts in the series.
Will story be continued to next parts
There are lest we can say no news regarding the story of the upcoming avatar parts, however avatar was not dependent on its story the success of the movie was because of the extraordinary screenplay, crew of Avatar made that visual wonder possible in 2009 time when technology was that advanced compared to today, so we can expect a more wonders in these sequel of the Avatar .
Whatever the news is fans need to wait till 2022 for these squeals of Avatar