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Buying a new car is exciting and fun. But, it can also be nerve-wracking and overwhelming. First of all, it’s a big financial decision. Any time you’re potentially spending thousands of dollars, you must be sure you’re making all the right moves. Second, buying a car can be a confusing and complicated process. 

There are many things to consider, including how you want to purchase your car. For example, do you want to head to your local car dealership? The bottom line is that you want to ensure you go through the whole process in a way that keeps your best interests at heart. 

Auto auctions are a great overall option for purchasing your next car. There are many platforms, such as SCA, that make it easy to participate in the latest auctions for cars. They have many advantages over more traditional methods like car dealerships or used-car lots. For example, auto auctions offer a wide selection of cars and a simplified buying process. They’re also a very reliable option for buying. 

Auto Auctions are a Solid Option 

Auto auctions are an excellent way to purchase a car. They are simple and offer a wide selection of cars. At any individual auction, you can find a variety of vehicles in many makes, models, and years. 

Because there are car auctions taking place regularly, your options truly are limitless. So whether you’re looking for SUVs, trucks, salvage cars, or classic cars, you can definitely find the one you’re searching for at car auctions. 

All you have to do is search for the car you’re interested in and successfully bid on it. Some research is required, but it’s mostly limited to the background of the specific vehicle and its value. You don’t have to worry about packages or options. You also can avoid thinking about trade-ins or negotiating the best price with dealers. 

If you have a specific car you’re looking to buy, auto auctions are the fastest way to get what you want without paying more than you need to. 

Dealing with Car Dealers 

The most typical way to buy a car nowadays is by visiting a car dealership. Though this may still be a good option in certain cases, several drawbacks exist. 

Going through the buying process can be tedious and stressful. You will likely spend most of the day walking around, signing paperwork, and discussing the countless options and packages available. 

You may also not be getting the most bang for your buck. At car dealerships, you likely won’t encounter the types of deals that you can find at an auto auction. In fact, you’ll probably have to sharpen your negotiation skills before you get there. The buying process at a dealership requires you to be very well-informed to avoid spending more money than you need to. 

With these things in mind, buying from a car dealership might not be your best option in terms of experience or value. Instead, you can avoid these pitfalls by purchasing your next car at an auto auction. 

Finding an Auto Auction 

With so many choices for auto auctions, it can be a challenge to find the right one to suit your needs. One way to find one is by searching for “car auctions online near me.”

To make your search easier, we’ve selected our favorite auto auctions that will provide you with a great buying experience. 

SCA Auctions

SCA Auctions is the leading option for auto auctions in North America. They’re well-known for their excellent customer service, impressive variety of listings, and overall quality. They offer auctions on a regular basis, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to buy the car you’re looking for. 

Their registration is fast and easy. That way, you can quickly start searching for cars and bidding. Their user-friendly website makes narrowing down the car you want fun and efficient. SCA Auctions is the perfect choice for those searching for the vehicle of their dreams.


Adesa takes pride in its professionalism and quality. Although they mainly work with professional car sellers and buyers, they offer public auctions in select locations. As a result, they’re a solid and trusted choice for buyers.


Skipco Auto Auction holds its auctions in Ohio. For over 40 years, they’ve offered consistent quality and customer satisfaction. Their in-person auctions provide a great experience with a lively atmosphere. Their website also offers tips for people visiting car auctions for the first time. All in all, they’re a good choice for both newer and experienced buyers.

Capital Auto Auction

Capital Auto Auction has several locations in the Northeastern United States. They offer a good selection of vehicles and an easy-to-use website. In addition, their weekly auctions mean there are always new and interesting listings to check out. 

So What’s Next? 

When buying your next car, it’s definitely worth considering an auto auction. Auctions are reliable and have several unique advantages over car dealerships and used-car lots. They offer a streamlined process and a wide selection of vehicles. 

When you combine these factors with the lively atmosphere of an auto auction, it’s easy to see why auctions are an excellent choice for buying cars. The process is simple. You can get started immediately. First, all you need to do is find an auto auction and register. Then, you can start bidding on your dream car today!